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    lean reacted to puma00 for a status update, About Me Gay guy and grew up a sexually repressed closet-case in an Italian-Australia   
    About Me
    Gay guy and grew up a sexually repressed closet-case in an Italian-Australian Catholic family. Went to a Catholic school which preached against masturbation with many of my moronic f***wit school mates equating masturbation with being gay! Well, they were right!!! ha ha.
    Due to big-dick/small female straight porn I saw only a couple of times in my late teens (thanks John Holmes - showing my age!) and being a little overweight I always believed I had a small penis until my mid 30s when I finally came out and met real guys and realised I'm actually quite a bit above average. Its hard to believe but because of that I have experienced the penis size issue from both sides of the fence so I can empathise with truly small guys.
    Nevertheless I'm still dealing with the after-effects of this and the anger over wasting  many of the best years of my life (sexually) in the closet due to fears about coming out (rather than dick size despite all the above). One consolation however is that those long nights at home studying didn't hurt my career and as I became quite enthusiastic and adventurous with sex with men since my late 30s makes me suspect that if I had done similarly in my late teens/20s (early 1980s) I would have almost certainly contracted HIV.
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    lean reacted to babylon5 for a status update, looking to cam r chat   
    looking to cam r chat
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