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  1. In college I dated a girl who loved to be in control. She was fascinated the first time we had sex about how small my penis was. She like to tease me about it and to be frankly honest we both enjoyed that. During one session in a bathtub she shaved me and said it was alike a little boy willie. at a pool party the next week, me and another guy were boosting a third guy up to reach a frisbee stuck in tree. My gf ran up and pansted me and my little guy stood out hairless. Much hooting and hollering. Heard about it for months.
  2. When the wife and I started dating, the first time we got naked and got each other off (not intercourse), laying together afterwards she asked me if I did not like he body. I said I did very much and asked her why. She aaid she just thought that and I assured her it was not true (I was not lying). The next time we got together sexually I was fingering her and she was tickling my balls and cock. I did not last overly long and had a really big orgasm. She asked again and this time I pressed. She blushed and asked if it was not getting bigger because I dis not think her attractive enough. I started laughing and told her that what she saw was all there was. We both laughed and she blushed and apologized. I has gotten hard again and we both realized me having a little dixk has its upside.
  3. I remember him well. Helped me along the path of my own tiny penis awareness and acceptance. Will miss him.
  4. Damn, that is hot. This post was a while ago, anybody else opine on chatki?
  5. Think I would qualify and would love if it were still around
  6. I kind of like the feeling when it retracts. I actually wish it retracted more. Love others seeing it that way, actually a turn on.
  7. That is a super hot post! Would so love that.
  8. Same here although the sex is very infrequent and rather brief. Be happy to jack with u online.
  9. Have a chore to do 1st but my little dickie wants to come out and play!
  10. While I love seeing mine hard and the mushroom head, love when it turtles even more and seeing it retract. It almost goes inside me, acrually would be hot if it went all the way in
  11. Just a follow on to my previous post. I have never left masturbation since discovering it when I was 12. It somewhat took a back seat when the wife and I had sex much more often, but that has declined and now I masturbate much more (seem to go thru cycles where it is a lot and then ebbs off, then repeat). I mainly do it at night after she goes to bed, but since retiring I also find times during the day more often. Most frequently I use porn for additional stimulation and enjoy caming as well.
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