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  1. @aquarock Embarassment at my overall lack of control... have always had a pretty quick trigger - but that really snuck up on me.
  2. Hey was really good to meet you in the video chat room 

    - hope we can stay in touch....Skype?????


  3. Don't know if I'm alone in this, but had a bit of a situation during a massage - LEGITIMATE massage! Switched from the woman who I've been to a few times before to a guy, because I like more pressure. Guy worked my arms, and as he started on my right leg, I felt the familiar feeling of a growing hard on. I was slightly embarassed, didn't want him to think I was there for other purposes, but have read that lots of guys become hard during massage, no big deal. And thanks to this site, while I may have once ashamed of another guying seeing all I have is almost 4" on my best effort, now, I
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