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  1. I have to agree with Topdog. Having a small dick as a gay man is a disadvantage because most other gay men want at least average. My recollection from being single was that only a minority of men would back out of sex when they saw I had only 4.5" down there, but only a minority were interested in seeing me again afterwards, even if everything before sex seemed to be going great. Being small meant having to be persistent.
  2. kyleddd, did you and your big little brother ever discuss the difference in endowment, other than for him to use your small size as an excuse for your beating him in swim races? What did you guys say to each other about it?
  3. Hey, MarkMan, I just noticed your post and had to reply even though it's so late. I am 4.5" x 4.5" and utterly turned on by size differences. I like imagining what big guys think when they see my cock, and what they think it is like to be small. I don't mind if they think small dicks are kind of silly, as long as they think small dicks are erotic too! And as long as they don't really believe their big dick makes them superior people. I can't get over the fact that a dick can be two, three or more times bigger than mine, and yet they are both the same thing: human dicks. In some
  4. Chris, Thanks for your detailed reply. I can relate to several of your comments. I love to wrap both my fists around a big cock and then cover my whole dick with my one fist to feel the difference. Knowing that the big guy feels the same difference turns me on a lot. It amazes me too that two guys can have such vastly different sized cocks and yet they are both the same thing: a cock. It's just that one of them is several times as large in volume as the smaller one. And knowing that your soft one is the length of my hardon is hot too.
  5. Chris, I would love to hear more details about what you imagine when you imagine life on the small side. To me, the biggest turn-on related to size is thinking about what goes on in a well hung guy's head when he sees a small dick or holds it in his hand. Or how he imagines it feels to be small - physically and emotionally. Here's a more specific question: imagine you are a small guy meeting YOU. And you're comparing dicks. What's it like? By the way I love all your comparison pix. More please!! Lttle1 (4.5 x 4.5 hard)
  6. Hey Chris, How do you "play it up" for them? The only times I was with very well hung guys I didn't say anything about size and neither did they, even though the difference in size between us was laughably obvious (mine is 4.5 x 4.5). Now it would turn me on to talk about it. I especially like imagining how big guys perceive my little one. Lttle1
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