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  1. When I was a teen I remember making New Years resolutions to stop masturbating, which were broken within a week. Anyone have similar experiences?
  2. You know you have a small package when the pouched underwear rides up because there's nothing hefty enough to keep it filled.
  3. 5" here.Two kids. Both blessed surprises. Missionary position.
  4. I also read that since hair reacts to tactile stimulus the water against the hair constantly fires neurons to which the brain and body react. By shaving down, the swimmer eliminates the tactile responses and the body and brain have less interference to process.
  5. Well stated! Sex is more than a penis!
  6. Alan, I can relate. I am almost 53, married and going through the same thing. I think I am reaching a stage in my life when I realize there are more years behind than there are ahead. Enjoying the vigour of the emerging men helps remember what it's like to be starting the journey to maturity. It's also likely envy that I can't do things over again; regret at what I have and haven't done and curiosity to see what's going on in their bodies. Keep it a fantasy and all will be well.
  7. Does one "lose" virginity or give it away? Just a thought.
  8. Right on Nothingaverageaboutit. Married 30+ years, with a less than 5 inches. We have great sex because I make sure we have great sex. Humping and pumping is not great sex. It is the finale to a long time touching, sucking, caressing, fondling, massaging, stimulating inside and out. Get with the program guys. Putting it in and thrusting will not likely give your partner an orgasm. Work at it. It's a turn on for both you and your partner.
  9. Check out this informative and reassuring site: Sympatico / MSN Lifestyle : Home : Top 10 sex myths [Edited to display the title of the link target instead of the great long URL.]
  10. 21 for both my wife and I on our wedding night. Still at it after 30 years. No worries about previous lovers...there were none.
  11. Hey thenatural, Take it easy. Penetration is the finale. I bring my wife to climax without penetration at least twice and then, boy, is she ready for my little guy --4.75 on a good night. The brain, hands, fingers, tongue and penis...all work together to make it great for you and your partner.
  12. I am on the edge of average at about 5"...my sons both seem average or above. As i recall my dad is average. I do know that my brother-in-law is above average, so I guess my guys got those genes. TK
  13. What do you do when using a washroom on an airplane? I stand. TK
  14. Has anyone with a "turtling" small one had any success with cock rings? If so...how? Thanks. TK
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