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  1. Faced with a need to discontinue my auto renewal subscription, it's become a nightmare! Seems I need to have the email address I first used years ago when I joined MR! No way can I remember what it was! Seems likes I'm left with the only alternative of cancelling the card I use for the annual renewal? HELP!
  2. @blueridgedad I'll check out menchats!
  3. Only years later did I learn that during a few years when tight slacks were "in", I had 6th grade students who loved seeing their teacher's bulge! I was never huge, but looking back, I wore boxers, and carried my dick down my left leg. To them I guess it seemed huge. Might explain why when I'd be in the restroom (I used the boys, because I was the only male on the faculty, and the faculty restroom was declared the women's domain!), if a kid came in they always made an effort to 'get a look'! Looking back, I never let on, and was OK with their curiosity, must have found it exciting, because I'd
  4. just got logged into vid chat! repeated clinks on chat link box, waiting a bit between them!

  5. Just not able to get vid chat to open! :(

  6. It's been a long time since I've seen a young male naked (saw a multitude back in the 60's-80's), but just this past summer did get to see a 9yo great-nephew when we were changing into swim trunks. Holy Wow, he was as 'hung' as I was at 15! He's not a tall kid, nor stocky at all for his age, but genital-wise, impressive, even sporting a fine bush all around the base of his penis! He wasn't shy at all, contrary to all the current generational homophobia I sense (open showers done away in schools - all individual stalls). Anyway, my guess, his flaccid penis was a good four inches long and a litt
  7. Have to say, in all my years as an altar boy, all of the priests I've known... never known a man that fit your categorization of any of them. Personally, I would have loved a chance to 'play' with some of 'em - mea culpa, but shame on you!
  8. Back when I was a kid into late teens, guys I'd 'play with", we'd both swear we "weren't queer or gay", just bestfriends sharing our curiosity and mutual friendship. Always made us feel OK with what we did together - well, that just hormonal rationalization? Whatever, we sure loved it!
  9. Have to say: starting at age 7, I loved feeling same age penises, getting mine felt by same and older cousins; getting to feel theirs; into teens, even better with both same age and younger cousins and younger tent mates on camping trips. A penis is a penis, and regardless of size, feels damn good getting played with!
  10. You are not alone! Mine began very young, like 2nd grade (7yo), getting a classmate to pull his pants down in our garage, loved fondling each other, both getting little stiffies! Carried forward with older cousins who'd play with me, and I'd get to play with theirs, fascinated by their 'bigger ones' and the hair two of 'em had down there. At age 9 I had my first sight of an adult naked, in his boathouse. That went on for 3 summers of mutual 'play' either in hi boathouse or out in his boat on the lake. Never regretted any of it, for sure.
  11. Will say, sometimes masturbating with a condom feels GREAT! Feeling that hot cum encase my mushroom head and shaft as I keep working it.... YES!
  12. Sort of in line with this, I'll never forget one of my 8th graders arriving at school one day, with quite a bulge in his pants! The guys and girls sure noticed too. Having been his age once I figured he had a rolled-up sock in his briefs. At the end of the day I got him aside and said he was quite 'visible' down there, but he really didn't have to do that - did he have a rolled sock or something in his pants? He blushed like hell, I said it was OK because I'd done that too at his age, and suggested that it was quite a distraction to rest of the class - besides, the guys in the class and even I
  13. Since I don't have a cam I've used "Text Chat" section here in Measurection for years. Now though, few are in there, and many guys use the Vid Chat section even without a cam - can have private live chat with if a guy if you click on the 'private' tab next to their name. Hope we can connect SOMEPLACE to chat!
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