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  1. Yeah... what he said! Your penis is fine, get over yourself!
  2. Yes Stephen, that is what he is saying but you don't have vaginal sex so no worries mate!
  3. My beef with MR is that it takes you WAY too long to actually check every single category. Why don't we sum these categories up some? I was thinking we need to combine ALL of the Main Forums into one page that can hold up to anywhere from 50 to 100 posts per page. Second, I think that Photo's, This Site Is Member Supported, and Club SOS could be combined into one page called Club SOS with 50 to 100 posts per page as well. MR University can be one page with 50 to 100 posts per page. And last but not least, Off Topic can be one page with 50 to 100 posts per page. I find it time consuming to
  4. ShowTell-ML-179996-ML- Moved at Stephen's request, as it's not really on-topic here.
  5. The whole thing is terrible. I see that America can help out others, like the Tsunami 2 days after it happened, but here we are 4 days later, still waiting for help. And how about our president saying "if you don't need gas, don't buy it" who the hell DOESN'T need gas?!?! I am just going to stop typing before I get more upset about the entire situation.
  6. Totally Helpful! I think that if more people where nudists, then the whole country would be a better place. My reasoning is that it would break through the prudish taboo that has a hold on nudity, and it would show that the people who like being naked aren't perverts. Now if nudity was allowed everywhere, and there were people fucking each other on the middle of a sidewalk, then I could see it posing as a problem, but there is a strong difference between nudity and sex in public; which is why I think it is illegal. The government always thinks about the worst of any situation and that
  7. I am just under 7" (6 7/8") and my girlfriend prefers doggie style to the missionary position. She told me that while doing that, I penetrated deeper... I think it is because there is less room between us in that position, and I think it has to do with the vaginal position itself. I know that I cum a lot faster in that position than I do in any other position as does she. One secret trick I have learned to a deeper penetration while doing doggie is to raise your leg of hand (Left handed, left leg. Right handed, right leg). Basically, if you are right handed, try lifting your leg to wh
  8. Hey Steven! I have never seen your picture before today (your avatar). I had no idea what you might look like, but never in a million years did I think you would look like Isaac Hayes! (this is a good thing! not poking fun... well maybe a little!)
  9. I don't understand why any man would want to do that! Think about it... What if you could? How would you know if the penis you had picked out would be that much bigger than what you have now; once it was hard? It isn't like you can ask a corpse to get hard for you to see if his erection falls into the grower/shower status. What if you could see what his penis looks like erect... would you feel comfortable having a penis attached to you that could have many possible dysfunction's? What if you were lying dead, on the slab, and someone came up to you and said they wanted your penis
  10. OK... I am not one to preach, nor one to even care about politics, but I really believe that our country (starting in the winter) will live under the "Big Brother" way of life. We already give out the major companies enough information about our spending habits through credit cards, but they have already started installing microchips into every day clothes and products to know where products being bought are being delivered. It is a scary thing, but our country is going to rot from the inside out if we continue to allow it... Bottom line, children accessing porn on the net is just as bad as ch
  11. Yes JDA one is back when I had a patch, the other is after I shaved the patch away.
  12. Hey Ethan, here are two of my links to be added to the rate me site. http://ratemyschlong.com/vote.php?itemid=140030 http://ratemyschlong.com/vote.php?itemid=146083 Enjoy all! And like everyone else said... Rate it High! heh
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