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  1. Hi, Julien. Thanks for sharing this interesting story. I imagine a lot of guys here feel a bit "haunted" by the "wow" factor their girlfriends experienced with prior large-hung boyfriends. But at the risk of practicing therapy without a license, I think you're fixating on YOUR issue with penis size while ignoring the really important messages that your girlfriend has been brave enough to share with you. The sex she truly enjoyed in the past (according to your post) wasn't with Mr. Big; it took place with men who were sporty and playful. This seems like good news to me: You can't enlarge y
  2. Thanks for the thoughtful response. Makes a lot of sense. Any pointers on how to ensure that it is consensual, and that no one's getting (non-erotically) pained? That's not what I want at all! Just to explore some fantasies that I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in having.
  3. I know this site promotes self-acceptance, and I think that's great. In a relationship, size should never matter; it certainly doesn't to me. Nevertheless, I get a big kinky kick out of size issues. I love seeing guys in the shower, one hugely endowed, one quite small. Since I'm average-sized, i like really big guys to sort of push me around with their massive cock, and I get a kick out of smaller guys who get off on my larger cock. I think it's incredibly hot when smaller guys act too embarrassed to show off their little tools, and it's also very hot (and kind of pathetic too!) when big guys
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