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  1. I'm 100% asian and have always thought that if I were part caucasian it would push me past the 7" mark. Even if that isn't true, I've always liked that eurasian look. I personally think that is a good looking mix. If I were part caucasian maybe I wouldn't look like I was 23 when I'm actually 33.
  2. 8"x6" is pretty close to perfect. I have a toy that is very close to that size and have always loved that way it looked and how it felt in my hands. I wish that I was that size too, but I have to admit when holding it up against me, as if it were my own dick, it looks freakishly large. I'm 6' and 200 lbs., I'm not exactly a little guy, but it does look too big on me. 7"x6" may be the ideal for me, but damn I love the way that dildo looks.
  3. I'm just an average guy with a little bit over six inches and I've found that some women like it when I "hit reef". It feels like none of my dick is being wasted. When things really start to get hot and heavy they really start hammering my guy with the back of their vagina. It can get painful for me but I usually pop before it gets too bad. It actually helps prolong my erection and really adds to the sensation and enjoy the discomfort. It makes me feel like I've got a big dick.
  4. psdnm, when I saw your name on this thread, I immediately thought about your descriptions of your orgasms (HOT!). If you knew about how preoccupied I am with my penis, you would know that it should be more than enough for me to keep the weight off. It's sick and immature, I know but I started going crazy about a year ago when I noticed that my erections weren't feeling as potent as they used to. I may be crazy, but I really think that it is shrinking. I am so terrified about keeping what little I got that it is also one of the main reasons why I am trying to quit smoking. (They really sho
  5. Thanks Kirk. I guess if you go strictly by the numbers, I may not be considered small. I look down there everyday and all I see that little thing dangling down there. I'm taller than the typical asian (6.0') and a lot beefier (220 lbs) In my opinion, my girth is okay but I feel that I need another inch or two for it to look acceptable on my body. Anyway, I'm working on losing about 50 pounds (that is a lot for the size of my frame) to bring things more in proportion. If things go as planned, I'll be really skinny but my dick will look about an inch longer. Is that really twisted, losing
  6. Living in Hawaii, there are probably more asians in the general public here than anywhere else in US. We have a lot of all of them, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietamese, Thai... This is just an observation but asian guys seem to be less desirable than caucasian guys. More often than not, the women here seem to gravitate toward the white guys. I'm not sure what the gay community is like but if the yahoo personals are any indication, the same goes for the gays. Could this be because of the small dick stigma? I know that white guys come in all sizes, but there is probably a better
  7. In the last four years, I have been having erection problems. I'm thirty two and believe that I shouldn't be suffering from ED, at least not yet. I have also put on some weight and started smoking more cigarettes. This may be part of the problem, but the biggest problem is with my head. While having sex, I am constatly thinking about my dick going soft, which it does. It is so depressing. Sex with a semi-erection is not satisfying. I can usually cum but it almost feels like a waste of time for me. My best erections are when my partner blows me while I am sleeping. My dick gets so damn
  8. The first and only time that I had anal sex, the guy must have been around 4.5" long and 5" around. It hurt but found it "okay" after a few minutes. That was around 10 years ago and haven't been anally penetrated until recently. About a year ago, I bought a dildo 5.25" long and 5" around. This also hurt but I was determined to experience for myself the pleasure that many experience from anal sex. About a week later, this dildo was no problem for me and became curious about what something bigger would feel like. I bought a 7.75" long and 6" around dildo and almost passed out from
  9. Hi, I'm a modestly endowed Japanese guy born and raised in Hawaii and just wanted to say that I am happy that I found a place where I can talk and explore my facination with dick.
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