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  1. It's sad to find people with their lack of manners on full display. Telling them where the mall is would go right over their heads until you tell them THAT"S where they should go to shop for dick. Honestly. There is nudist etiquette, and no nudist should be afraid to teach it.
  2. Scientists create penises in laboratory Scientists have successfully grown penises in a laboratory which will soon be ready-to-test on men suffering congenital abnormalities, or those who have suffered trauma. Researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina have now begun assessing the appendages for durability and hope to roll-out testing on humans in the next five years. The penises will be grown using a patient's own cells to avoid the high risk of rejection, The Guardian reports. Those cells will be grown in culture for four to six weeks
  3. It's like they never heard of metadata! Thay have the offending photo and can check the suspect's devices for sub-code. If that fails move on. Look for another suspect.
  4. These would sell well in American adult gift shops.
  5. I've been a grower and a cold weather turtle all my life. It's more of a problem now that I have a vascular leak. I might hang longer warm, but it snaps back fast enough to sting when I get sudden cold air in my lap. Other than that I don't care how little I show if there's no sex to be had.
  6. Try long term edging. Masturbate till you ALMOST cum, but stop... For hours! Go to work. At lunch tickle your rod in the can just enough to get hard and leave off again. Keep giving yourself a reminder of what you'll do before you go to sleep. When you get home, boom. Big orgasm, and sleep happy. Skip a day or three and enjoy again.
  7. Maybe it's just my family. I've had three cousins in their 70's laughing about their dicks getting 'more long and less thick." Filed it under- "you can't win"
  8. Yes, two men. One was in our group sex cluster of three couples and two single men. The other was a camp friend on a slow weekend. All of 12 people had shown up to do fall work on the site, and we he had been stroking off in the sauna when I caught him "too far" from his towel. (you "hop" into an outdoor sauna to keep the heat in.) I noticed that what I normally saw in size was pointing up as he tried to be casual. My answer to his blush and apology was "Relax, I've seen it, I'm over it." I pointed to the white trail about to drip and told him to not torture himself and finish if he was
  9. There seems to be a pessimistic belief that when a guy goes into old age his penis will get smaller. (or THEIR penis will, for sure.) This bucks against reason. As we age the wear of the suspensory ligament actually lets you hang lower. It's only a few millimeters for most, but there you go. And the erection might be a bit less strong, but not shorter. Barring medical work you're just likely to feel smaller and look small. Some guys will hang smaller when flaccid due to blood flow, but that's not BEING smaller. ...Discuss. I'm just passing through.
  10. It maybe like a nudist friend of mine that "went through puberty fur first." He had a fuzzy bunny in his lap and liked Loony Tunes. The Abominable Snowman said- "I will love him, and pet him, and call him George." The code phrase for nudity in his house of 5 adults was to mention George. "Is George out?" was asking if he was dressed for guests. "Hi George." meant it OK and he could relax about who was coming in. When he's soft he fully retracts, only showing a furry sack of curls and pubes. When he's wet the inch of (half) foreskin shows. "Petting George!" was the warning that he had a
  11. But' date=' as usual, no solution is suggested for guys who are actually small. [/quote'] The "solution" for the actually small penis owners is the same as for all of us- Be Good At Sex. It is only half true that a bigger penis has an easier time at giving pleasure. Without skill it's more easy to either not make a partner happy or even make them UNhappy. I keep pointing to a friend of mine with his small, thin, "mouse" penis. Literal Vienna sausage. Knows his way around a woman so well that by the time he gets around to using his penis some of them never notice. Great hands, women love
  12. Actually, Foreskin stretching done right should create a little more slack when erect. Flatlandereturns, Please turn away from how it looks flaccid. We all have silly looking lumps of skin when our cocks aren't in action mode. Erections with an excessive "ballflap" can interfere with oral sex and hurt the testicles during sex by causing them to slam forward too soon. If these are the problems by all means do something to get better sexual satisfaction.
  13. The mistake is trying to impress anyone when you're soft. Worse is trying to impress anyone you're not wanting to sleep with. Stop that, CC! Compare when there's sex to be had. I always count it as THEIR stupidity to think that what they see soft is all there is. If you want to make sure your friends know you have more than what is showing out of the kayak, PULL! :wank:
  14. "Built like a bull." might mean you hang thick. If you're 5.5 inches around soft, yes.
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