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  1. Mid 50s. I am a pretty big dude - 6ft tall about 215 or so. flacid varies but it’s small. erect 4” and a pretty thick 5.5”
  2. I love camming. I used to cam here some. Then I had some computer issues. Then flash became uncooperative. So it’s been a while. I was one of the few who would go on cam. If I could make it work I would certainly do it more. I guess I am an exhibitionist because I am totally into being on cam. Since I have been away I found some other places where I could cam (and cum I suppose). Dirtyroulette is one of those. It’s anonymous and random. Adult. They don’t care that your naked, it’s assumed. It’s mostly dudes, but they all are. I find the occasional woman. It like h
  3. I have several pairs of those exact same shorts. I wear them all the time. I tell my wife I have on underwear. I used to love to go to the gym and get them wet in the hot tub and walk around to the steam room and sauna.
  4. old sports stadium. When you are a kid there are hundreds of guys with various size dicks all eye level. Hard to forget.
  5. Devotee of the very amateur Dirty Roulette. It’s all dudes jacking off. Which is OK with me.
  6. I fall asleep almost every night with my dick in my hand. My wife always used to say I was holding on.
  7. I love peeking when it’s appropriate. As I said you have to learn the etiquette and be safe. One of my favorite memories is while traveling home from a trip. We stopped at a rest area to pee. When I went in I was alone. I stood at the urinal and this older man walked up beside me. He was peeing and was standing far enough away that I could see his penis. I got interested and as I finished I started shaking it slowly. It didn’t take long before I was hard. But I wasn’t leaving. He was shaking and jacking the last drops. I could tell he was aware that I was not peeing and by now on
  8. And by be able to experience this...what I mean is I would want to be able to do it - every day for the rest of my life. Not more than a few times a day tho.
  9. This isn’t meant to be a joke. I have always wanted to self suck. I would love to able to do this. Back in the day I only needed a couple more inches to do so. I am not flexible any more so it would have to be more. But I seriously have always wanted to experience that pleasure.
  10. My dad wasn’t around long, but I did see his penis. He was very proud of it I think. He liked showing it to me. It was uncut and he liked to show me how the foreskin would cover his head and how he could uncover it. I mostly have this memory of it happening when my mom was out. I do recall it getting hard too. As a little boy sometimes you get hard and he would show me how he pulled his foreskin back until he got hard. I was a little boy and didn’t realize what he was actually doing. I was a kid so my memory of it all was he had this very big uncut dick, very different than my
  11. The one room in my house where a locked door doesn’t attract attention is the bathroom. So I often go to the bathroom with the computer to read . My wife is very sexually repressed. She swears she has never masturbated. She would be pissed if she knew I did it as often as I do. We have talked about it. And that I have needs and sometimes it’s just better if I do it. But she thinks it’s wrong. So we pretend it doesn’t happen.
  12. I love jacking for and with people. I’ve done it pretty often on this site - until my pc crashed recently (I’ll be back soon). I also used to like Omegle and sites like that. I like Omegle because you can put in your “interests” and it tries to match you with people. I always uncle small dick and little dick in my interests. I’ve met a couple of “friends” this way. One I still chat with regularly on skype. I learned the hard way not to include “small penis”. This attracts SPH people which I am not into. There is is a new site, dirtyroulette. You can show there. Th
  13. On Omegle you can include "interests". I usually include "small dick" and "Little dick" and find guys there sometimes. It's really random and you never know. Personally, I am not into SPH at all so I learned to not include small penis. The thing about Omegle is you have to be careful not to show too quickly. They will ban you. So when a guy pops up I ask if they have one or like them. Then we agree to show. That usually works out. Omegle used to be lots of fun and you could include some interesting things in your interests. But it has changed. There is a new rando
  14. I am and have also been a dripper. Same thing applies for me, the minute anything remotely sexual happens I start to produce pre cum. Clothed or not, it happens. I've never been to a nudist area, but I can only imagine how I would react. I've never cared about it to be honest. But to be totally honest, there have been times that I have developed a wet spot at inopportune times. I just try to be aware.
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