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  1. I would wear this without underwear if I was riding my bike. That way I could get air flow to my penis and testicles.
  2. The place where I go swimming has an open changing room for public and private changing room for the male swim instructors. It is a big open room with baskets to put our belongings in and a smaller shower room with four shower heads. I always use the showers because after being in the water, I need to rinse off my penis and testicles. I hate having an itchy private area from too much Chlorine.
  3. I always wear underwear. I worry about going commando and dribbling on my pants after I use the restroom.
  4. I have not seen my Dad's penis, but I have seen my uncle's penis. We both belong to the gym. He was in the showers and I saw him as he was soaping up. We both said hi to each other. I was in swim trunks, just rinsing off to go swimming.
  5. When I was younger I hated my small flaccid penis of a few inches. I am a grower, just going to leave it at that. Now that I am older, my flaccid, and my erect, penis do not bother me. I feel that all men should be comfortable in their own skin!
  6. Thanks for all the guys who corrected me in that it is a fly and not a slot. If I am wearing briefs I use the fly. It is just easier for me.
  7. Yesterday, my family and I went to an indoor swimming center for a family birthday. The changing area was a room with open showers and a small restroom to the side. The lifeguard told us we could put our clothes in the wire baskets and that we needed to shower before we entered the pool. Two of my adult cousins changed by me and an uncle changed on my other side. He says, you too have some fancy underwear with stripes and patterns. I look down and one of my cousins has similar underwear to me. Then I tell him, nothing gets between BVDs and my uncle. My uncle had white BVDs on. We were
  8. You are one blessed dude in the penis department!

  9. I am a very tall guy, so Speedos made look very tall. I am also overweight. For me, longer swim trunks are better. I once wore a yellow speedo, and the fabric got see thru after swimming. It did not bother me because the speedo was quite comfortable.
  10. Red Scott, make sure you take a long, hot shower. That will help it hang more.
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