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  1. I had one older brother who was around my size. But I had 2 younger half brothers with a different mom and they were both few inches taller than me and had much longer and thicker cocks. Hi learned quickly when we would all pre around a tree or make naked jokes. It was crazy how much bigger they are than us.
  2. My last girlfriend called it her "little guy". Come give me that little guy, how's my little guy doing tonight, my little guy is trying to say hi. She liked to talk to it a lot
  3. Even regular condoms slide off me since I'm so thin in girth at 4 inches. It's so awkward having to go and try and fish them out of the girl after they slide off. Dont get me started on the one night stand I had where the girl only had magnum condoms in her drawer. That was so awkward when she tried to roll it on for me. It was so baggy and loose. I left quickly after a hand job It's been a problem for years until I found lifestyles snugger fit ones on Amazon for a great price. I highly recommend them. They are still too long, but I haven't had any slide off
  4. 40, 6'0. Weigh 205, athletic build 4.5 inches long 4 inches of girth I think my height and athletic frame make my proportions seem like I'm even smaller I'm around the 8th percentile on size based on the online size surveys and studies
  5. 6 feet, 205 good build. And only 4.5 inches in length. Very disproportionate. It sucks
  6. Most women have taken all of me. I usually don't reach the throat at just 4.5 inches, most of me is swallowed with just the mouth. One girl once swallowed it more to lick my balls while I was in her mouth. I think that was my only ever entrance into the throat
  7. I want to try the girth surgery of the fat pad injections as soon I save up the money. I don't want to mess with any of the lengthening ones yet. Maybe the ligament cut, but still unsure
  8. All my photos are under Dallasdavey on reddit Admin Note: Use this link to find @DallasDavey's reddit posts -- https://www.reddit.com/user/Dallasdavey/posts/.
  9. All through high school and college they made me feel inadequate. But in grad school I finally got the nerve to actually play with them. Feeling a bigger one in my hand after so many years of only holding my small one turned me on so much. Now I'm really in the hunt for bigger ones to play with and have really become bi in search of more to play with
  10. I started measuring at about 13 and was about 4 inches. I maxed out at 4.5 inches long at 15 right before I started driving. I still remember the marks on my wooden ruler in Sharpie that were at 4, 4.2 and the 4.5 mark. I kept hitting that 4.5 mark all through high school. My mom even found the ruler and saw that markings, it was so awkward. I grew another 6 inches in height through high school, but never got a growth spurt down there
  11. I fail both ways. I don't stick out and there is room for a finger to go in the roll with my penis
  12. I've been pumping for years I like the feeling of getting bigger during masturbating and also use it for hook ups at hotels to gain a little size before a fun time. It's never permanent, but I like the bigger feeling if it's just temporary
  13. I've been in about 8 dating relationships with women beyond hookups and 2 have rejected me due to size. My 2nd girlfriend in high school tools everyone I was small. I didn't date again until college. Then my last girlfriend broke it off after s sexual mismatch. She had been with much larger men and I couldn't perform well.
  14. You can talk with your girl without it being her joking with you or belittling you. I just like hearing about different sizes and experiences as dirty talk I once talked to an ex on a chat app pretending to be a different guy trying to hit on her and I asked her about the size of her four men. She talked about how her current boyfriend was a hander where he was long enough to have two hands on his shaft then mentioned me how big he was.
  15. I have stayed away from public gyms for 20 years since college to stay away from this kind of reminders and not revealing myself. I have work out equipment at home for this reason But my girlfriend and I did a couples massage at a nice spa a few weeks ago. there was a men's locker room for me to get ready. And of course the guy who is next to me gets undressed and has a 4 inch hanger that is as long just flaccid as I am erect. I couldn't help but look at it. My eyes just can't keep from peeking. I think I shriveled more just seeing his. I just fumbled with my belt and shoes until
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