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  1. Thanks Lean for posting the picture of Anthony Perkins so everyone can see what I'm talking about. I had that pic in my files which is always nice to look at now and then. Here is another somewhat revealing photo. Thanks again.
  2. I read a biography about Anthony Perkins ( who was gay), and the author said he had a very large penis. When there were male visitors to his room while he was making a movie, he would let his cock slide out of a towel he was wearing. He also liked playing at being an anonymous hitch hiker. He and Tab Hunter were a well known gay couple. If anyone else knows anything about Anthony Perkins, I'd like to hear about it. Have always fantasized about him. Not sure if he was cut or uc.
  3. Did you get hard at any time during the posing ? How could you not for a full two hours? How did the son react? Did he uh capture you likeness?
  4. Mike 1379 said he was interested and others too, and there definitely is an industry for Packers. You can even design your own for the right price. A friend and I had fun doing just that. You can do it online and your new penis appears before your eyes. He found this place called www.reelmagik.com https://www.reelmagik.com It is a prosthetic penis site. James Franco the actor said he wore one in the movie Milk. When my friend and I got through selecting penis size and girth and dark or light pubes (made of actual human hair at extra cost) and adding a "Flex Rod" - (you can even color match to your own penis shade) the penis cost almost $1000. It can also take up to 9 months to get "the package" Good pun, huh ? They also have realistic looking packers for under $100 Question is who would pay $1000 bucks for a silicone penis that you have to glue onto your skin and then use another bottle to un-glue it ? Great I guess for that closeup shot for Hollywood actors, but when else would you use it? Although, they say that Flex Rod allows you to angle your penis from 45degrees to 90 degrees and is actually workable for penetration purposes. I got a feeling lot of guys will be running to this site lol It can be fun to design the Penis you always wanted.
  5. Hello Rod,

    This is the first time this has happened.  

    When going into the video chat room  I get a message that says  "connection rejected. this username is already being used."        I am blueridgedad   and have always been blueridgedad on Measurection.

    I also do not remember my password.   My computer knows my password when I sign in, but if I reset the computer I'm afraid the computer will not remember it.  How can I retrieve or change my password please?


    One more thing. How does one find the members here to send them a message?  You used to be able to do a member search. Is that feature no longer operative?

    Thank you for your help




    1. lilpeter


      if you go to the tabs at the top of the screen click on the Activity tab, one of the menu options is Search, once the dialogue box opens make sure you are on the members tab, enter the screen name of the person you want to contact and hit search, it should find it.

  6. @Red Scott I posted this account earlier in the Bathhouse forum. I know that you have said that penis size is primarily determined on the maternal side. I am re-posting this to have it known that that genetic determination certainly did not hold in my family where there were two brothers with the same mother but different father. Maybe my stepdad's penis was so big that it became the dominant genetic factor. I am the older brother. My half-brother is 7 years younger. I was the brother with the larger penis until I came home from college in my final senior year when I was 20 and he was 13. I know it is unusual for two brothers with such an age difference to join in with each other's activities and interests. But I was that way with him and always tried to find a way to include him with buddies of my age when we played sports. I know he looked up to me and always greeted me when I got off the school bus before he started school himself. It was just one of those really good brother to brother relationships that I guess are relatively rare. We shared the same bedroom with bunk beds - me on the bottom and him on top. After hitting puberty ( but even before) I would masturbate in my bottom bunk. I was aware that my younger brother was peeking over the edge of his top bunk watching me. I have to admit that turned me on some being proud to let him see my growing larger penis. I often slept uncovered and naked so that he could look all he wanted. Some nights he would crawl down from his bed and sneak down and cuddle with me. We also had a pool in the backyard and outdoor shower rooms - separate ones for the boys and girls. Boys being boys we splashed around in the shower and sometimes skinny dipped in the pool. The point being that we saw a lot of each others genitals and emerging bodies although when he was 7 I was already nearly fully developed. I came home for Christmas break in my senior year of college. I hadn't seen my brother for the past four months. Somewhere in there he hit puberty and man did he hit puberty. It just totally floored me when he took off his pants and got ready for bed. I was no longer BMOC big man on campus ( not that I was there either lol ). His briefs bulge looked almost as big as my stepdad's who was his real dad. My brother was almost shy about how much he had grown. He could see the disbelief on my face. He and I both knew he was the second biggest cock in the house now at just the age of 13. I can still recall the fullness of his briefs bulge at the V of his skinny young legs. I still managed to somehow fit in the bottom bunk. My little brother didn't even climb up to the top of his bunk. He didn't say a word and just crawled in behind me for the tightest fit you've ever seen on one bed. He whispered saying he missed me. We did a lot of penis comparing that night and accepting our new reversal of roles. He was inch and a half bigger than me and near as thick with heavier feeling balls. I told him how big his cock felt and that it looked almost as big as our dads. He was proud that he had finally bested me in something. He sensed my pride and excitement. I know that was a special day for him. Sure my pride took a big hit but I was happy for him and the fact that we were always close and not competitive helped us both accept the new way of things. I have read here that cock size is a genetic trait passed down primarily on the maternal side. My brother and I have the same mother but different fathers. My stepdad is a lean and wiry 5ft6 guy with a 9 inch hard cut cock. My brother and I are cut too, but he sure got near all of my stepdad's genes. My stepdad knew that my brother and I often shared the bottom bunk. He asked me the next day what I thought of how big my brother had grown.
  7. @canuck45 I like a site called menchats.com I'm not so much into camming as I am into just chats and conversation. As a gay man, i've seen my share of cocks. Am more interested in what's inside a man; his thoughts and fetishes. Are many guys receptive to chats on chaturbate? Although like you Canuck, it sure is hard to turn down a nice looking penis.
  8. Muah~<3 Love you, dad! Have a great week!

  9. A very belated, I'm sorry to say,  Valentine's greeting to a very special guy, jonnyjunker.  Thank you for thinking of me buddy.  Big hugs

  10. Happy Valentine's day! Love you <3

  11. OK Tiny Jock, I commend you on loving sports despite your feelings of inadequacy. I really do. I would think it would take a lot of self confidence to shower with other guys on your team. I am not putting down your size. As a gay guy I like guys a bit lesser endowed, but I don't think I would have tried out for sports if I was definitely on the smaller side. I wouldn't be strong enough. Before getting circumcised at 15 I got teased just for having a foreskin and that was tough sledding for me. I got cut so I could be like my friends and like my stepdad. My stepdad understood and helped me get circumcised. How did you handle it? Were there other guys on the team your size? I'm thinking you must have been a great athlete and very talented and your buddies admired you for that. Did anyone ever comment on your penis size? One more thing. What do you think when you watch college or NFL games and see those huge packed uniform bulges? It seems like every guy on the team has a big penis. Again, very proud of you that you didn't let penis size get in the way of your passion for sports.
  12. I'm circumcised. Had it done in my teenage years. I recently read about adult foreskins that are always retracted, and this was new to me. I am not talking about phimosis or paraphimosis. I have an adult friend with a small 4 inch hard penis. He says he is uncircumcised. His foreskin is like a rubber band at the back of his penis glans, and it hardly moves when jacking. It's not uncomfortable for him, and he derives great pleasure from his cock. It almost looks and functions like a circumcised penis. Does anyone know more about this - a penis that visually has a foreskin but just barely apparent ? In his clothes or briefs anyone would guess that he is cut, because his penis glans is always visible. If you have a permanently retracted foreskin, what does it look like and how does it function ? Maybe a call is needed to Red Scott to come to the rescue.
  13. Hello shooter, How would you describe your "extremely" small balls? Are they like round and tight and boyish as opposed to loose and hanging? I would assume your generously sized penis, even when fully soft, would hang lower than your balls - is that correct? Thank you for making the point that you don't need big balls to sire children - especially your beautiful ones. Did you refrain from sex for a month solely for the purpose of procreation, or do you still do it because of the more powerful climaxes you get by holding off? I can't even keep from masturbating at least once weekly. Do you wear briefs or boxers, and is that choice a result of the size of your balls? Which brings up another topic for general discussion - Do the size of your balls determine whether you wear boxers or briefs? I may get around to posting that one too. lol. I myself wear briefs and I would wear them whether my balls are small or large ( mine are average I'd say, a decent handful) - just goes back to my boyhood fascination with the male crotch and bulge.
  14. thanks for all the fascinating responses. I still kind of doubt that Sean Penn did not realize that James Franco was wearing a prosthetic penis. Here they have a scene together and it looks that real ? Ok, no touching, but even by sight you can be fooled ? And LilGonzalote, do you think you could really convince guys in locker rooms and showers that your penis is real when your real penis is actually inside a hollow prosthetic penis? Or would it require some cosmetic artist to make it look like the real thing? Would love to hear from someone who actually wore one and showed himself in a locker room or shower or pool.
  15. There is Chris Pine in Outlaw King, James Purefoy in Rome, Michael Fassbender in Shame, shows like Euphoria and others. And of course there is always Ewan McGregor. More actors seem to be baring all. But many actors also admit to wearing a prosthetic penis. Is it possible to tell the difference as to which cocks are real and which are prosthetic ? Probably not considering the penis glimpses may last as little as 12 frames like in the Outlaw King. I also wonder why an actor would confess to wearing a prosthetic penis? I think James Franco admitted he wore one in the movie "Milk" and even said that co-star Sean Penn said he couldn't tell it was a prosthetic. Is that possible? Maybe in Hollywood it is. But in real life? So can you trust what you see, or is it all Memorex ? Has anyone ever walked around in public with a prosthetic penis in his jeans or shorts or speedo just to see the reactions from guys or girls? Interesting article FYI http://www.thebinge.us/greatest-hits-attention-gays-we-have-been-misled-by-prosthetic-penises/
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