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  1. I can vouch for Nillywilly's post, I do remember "Dinky". When I was down in Florida years ago, I went to Camp David, an all male nudist resort. I hung out with a couple of guys there. Both guys had, what is generally known to be "innies". No measurable length at all, just extra skin bunched up near the opening. I was on walk in the afternoon, when I came upon the ginger haired half of this duo relaxing un top of a picnic table while some fellow was sucking his erect cock, and I was amazed at the size. It was certainly longer and thicker than my own. In my humble opinion, I judged hi
  2. Yes, My wife measured my dick a time or two when we were young. She only measured the length, She seemed quite proud when she looked up at me and declared "6 inches!" I was about 5.8 or 5.9" at my best, but I didn't feel the need to point that out to her. I was much leaner back then, and the fat pad has robbed me of an inch, but I'm probably more comfortable now, with my 5" then I was back then, with almost 6". Incidently, I've done a bit of measuring myself. My cock, when fully erect is exactly 5", so I can get a fairly accurate measurement of another males erection by placing mine a
  3. I have two brothers, All 3 dicks were practically identical in size and shape.
  4. If I remember correctly, Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights flips out his cock near the end of the movie. It's enormous, and I've always felt that it must have been a prosthetic.
  5. My kids see me nude, I don't try to hide it. Wife doesn't really like it, but she's mostly unaware of it. My folks didn't hide anything either.
  6. The answer to your question is YES. At least in my case, it is.
  7. You can add me to the list. Like the others, I masturbate a lot, which is enjoyable, I've had a few m2m encounters as well ,but they are rare, its been a couple of years since my last hookup which went very well (oral only). The guy was also in the same situation at home. His cock was almost identical in size to my own, which was absolutely wonderful.
  8. About 5 years ago I stayed at Camp David near Inverness Florida, My first time there (and only) A couple of fellows from Canada, sort of took me under their wing, so to speak. Both of these guys had what is commonly referred to as "innies". One could barely see the tip of their cockheads hiding away, deep in the nether region. Later that day I was hiking a trail through the woods/jungle that leads around small "lake", or large pond, depending on ones perspective. I came upon a picnic table where one of Canadian fellows was relaxing while some guy was sucking his cock. I remember asking
  9. It's been about 30 years since My wife and I talked about her previous lovers, I suppose as a couple matures, such subjects don't need to be revisited, So I will recount things as I remember them, to the best of my ability. I think my memory is pretty good regarding this subject because these size issues were important to me at the time, certainly more important to me than to my wife. But here goes. There were three guys before me, and another that happened during a threesome. The first guy, I'll call him Steve, who took her virginity was actually a high school friend of mine, not a cl
  10. I remember both Bronxy and Zane Blue. I used to message with Zane. How well I remember the contentious arguments that you had with her. One thing That I don't remember is either of them saying that they seldom saw less than 6", nor do I remember them discussing how "huge" there partners where. I suppose, at some moment one or both of them mentioned having large partners, but it wasn't the focal point of the conversation. Very often Zane talked of her conquests with smaller hung guys and the tremendous orgasmic pleasure that she experienced. Both women were some of the greatest advocates for s
  11. I'll throw in my two cents. I realize that there are guys that seem to be fascinated by huge cocks, and if that makes them happy, then all the power to them. It would seem to me that some of these guys really get off on just talking about it and broadcasting their innermost thoughts, gushing about another man's supposed "superiority". It can get a bit annoying to me. I guess that's because I tend to hold a somewhat opposing view. I hold no fascination with big cocks, they seen rather uninteresting to me. I don't have any sexual attraction towards them at all. It doesn't mean they aren't
  12. Yes, I was aware of that. It's been quite a while and I didn't feel like mentioning it. Several people wanted and tried to aquire the rights in order to keep it afloat, and it did relaunch for a bit, but the family ultimately decided to shut it down.
  13. Regarding the old Dick.net site, the founder of the site passed away, and the family didn't really want anything to do with it. It's too bad, because it was very well run and seemed to be a very successful site.
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