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  1. @Allen43 no I meant it to OP @cdawg83 . Sounds like you are in good shape
  2. I would encourage you to lose weight. Easier done than said but can make a big difference. When I was in college o met a guy who was quite small, 4 inches I would say, and overweight. He wanted to try gay sex with him on to and me bottom, but the extra weight and small size made it practically impossible for him to really penetrate fully It took him few months but he lost about 25 pounds and was then able to do it much better. He was still bit overweight, but it made big difference. Of course I'd say he also gained confidence that he needed
  3. thanks for input and advice all . glad I joined and asked.
  4. hi just joined site. Here is question: Im working internship this summer at pretty big corporation. The building we are in has gym and showers we can use. A good number of Indian (east Indian, not Native Americans) work in building. Some of which are very cute, some of which aren't, but from what have seen in showers in gym all seem to be REALLY well endowed. Granted I've only seen 4 different Indian guys changing and in shower, which isn't many but all 4 big. I'd say all at least 4-5 inches soft. One was bigger than that. 6? Maybe. Anyone know if Indian guys are all this
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