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  1. It got off ot a good start but the original webmaster abandoned it and it had been basically dormant for a couple of years. Now I get this message: "The requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know." Sad! I got some nice fan mail for my photos there, several from women.
  2. @zebraben Hi, Ben. I understand how you feel. I've had almost no luck with chats at DinkyDick. I've had better luck at xhamster. Have you tried that? There I am "wuerstchen", like I am here. If you go to xhamster, say hello!
  3. My favorite is Nicolecknight. A trans person with nice medium size breasts and a tiny, hairless beauiful penis. S/he is also very friendly and engages with teh viewers in conversation.
  4. I will look for you there, @zebraben . I am not on that much, and when I am it is usually to watch trans people. Occasionally I go on cam myself, enough to have picked up 115 followers. But I am non-paying and have no tokens nor can I receive any. I have had only a couple meaningful chats there.. There's more "bating" than "chatting."
  5. @Storm11 Skype? Or Zoom? I saw a proposal for a Zoom meeting. Imagine, a Zoom grid of small penises! Sounds empowering! Maybe i'll check it out.
  6. @Storm11 That's funny! Glad I asked. I hadn't used the chat function on DinkyDick at all, and the other day I noticed he was online and discovered that over the months he had left all kinds of compliments on my little penis that I had never noticed. So I reached out and we had a lovely chat. Lately I've also been paying attention to their forum, which has some interesting threads.
  7. @Storm11 It wasn't iguanguy30 by any chance was it? He's the 8.5 incher he told me he would gladly trade his penis for mine. There's a Spanish/American guy over there whom I originally met on dick.net who absolutely adored by tiny hairless penis.
  8. @NuderThanNude She never explicitly said. But her ex-husband was well hung, but a shitty, selfish lover, he would foce her to give him fellatio. Within a couple of weeks after we started sleeping together, she said" "You've made a coksucker out of me." And she doesn't use that language otherwise .She use to tell me I would love to fall asleep with your penis in my mouth. And on another, as she was leaving my apartment she said: "Before I go I want to suck your penis." Needless to say this blew away any concerns I might have had about size. It was not an issue with my ex-wife either--we were bo
  9. You are definitely not alone. I adore my small penis and so does my wife. I would be happy if mine were smaller.
  10. I log in there occasionally for their transsexual streams. How can so many of them have huge penises? Their breasts must be implants. From what I have learned on the Ainterol Forum, for guys growing breasts, the hormones and herbs they take to grow breasts shrink their genitals, often by as much as half. But only a minority of the transgender people on chaturbate have penises as small or smaller than mine.
  11. @TinyJock Congratulations on having found your wife!
  12. I just had a chat with a well=hung guy on DinkyDick. His penis is column-like, long and slender, 8.5 inches erect. He has left me many compliments on my little hairless one over the years. Today he told me that he wished he had a smalll penis like mine, and how lucky my wife was. I've found that many of the compliments I get on my pictures on xhamster and dinkydick are from guys who are well hung. My wife, praise the lord, is also an enthusiastic lover of my little one, and thinks that large penises are unattractive. She is especially enthusiastic about fellatio, and finds my small penis, with
  13. Like many here, I miss the much lamented legendary dick.net, where I made a number of friends. I loved their ranked list of small penises. DinkyDick is nowhere nearly as well or imaginatively designed, but as a site dedicated to open access images and videos of the small penis it creates a niche.
  14. @Pilgrem That's truly weird. Well, try again or write to the webmaster. It's hardly an exclusive group. Your penis doesn't even have to be dinky for you to join. There are some real schlongs there, some with boastful owners, who should be banned!
  15. I've been with six women, but two were spontaneous one-nighters. One of those didn't say it directly but afterward hinted that my size might be an issue (she had only sucked me). The four other women, two of whom I have been married to, had no problem with it. In fact they were fine with it. A g/f I had between marriages had no problem either, and the love of her life was a guy who was smaller than me. My wife thinks size is irrelevant to quality sex. Adn she agrees with me that most penises are larger than they need to be.
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