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  1. *small* dick or not, I dare not even recall some of my past topic posts because in all honesty I was completely at the bottom- having very little self-esteem and being extremely unhappy with myself and my size. Point is though I still consider myself to have a small penis. Average or not, there are still many, many larger out there. The point of my post was to come clean with myself and this place in that I'm learning to accept everything I have for what it is. I'm also learning to make the right steps in order to change the things I can. As for my date the other night- a COMPLETE
  2. A bit random, but I absolutely agree.
  3. Size- 6 and a bit inches erect (fully hard good day- not everyday though), 4.75 circumference Some of you may remember me, some may not. A quick run down: I had been dating a girl for a year and a half or so. Around the 3 month mark I found out that she had slept with 10 guys or so and had various other flings. This irritated me. Next, I find out the few previous boyfriends before me were all around the 8inch mark. This destroyed me. Up until that point sex had been the best I've ever had. For her she said the same- she had never felt so connected and had never felt so liberated sexual
  4. Spider, I'm about to write a topic with a possible outcome to your relationship as I was in a very similar place.
  5. 3. translate that intellectual knowledge into emotional self acceptance, and 4. change their behavior. The whole list is right on the money. Otherwise, there should be a small disclaimer above 3) and 4) "Not as easy as it sounds"
  6. I posted a ways back and I received many great words of comfort. In part, I've learned to become more comfortable and accepting with myself and my size. More often than not I can be happy- focus on my long and short term goals, and live happily with my girlfriend of a year and half. The problem is- I'm 'more often' accepting and happy, but not always. I can't always cope. My situation is my girlfriend is the love of my life. Everything I've ever wanted in a girl and in a future wife. I found out after about 7 months of dating she had had 9 other partners before me, and the last three h
  7. What are the intended sizes for the use of a trojan magnum? My gf's ex wore them, and she says he was 7". Do you need to be bigger? Could he have fit regular sized condoms? Was she telling me 7" for the sake of my feelings? Hrmm...
  8. Now how does your boyfriend feel? Is he confident with his size or insecure? Does he know these measurements of your ex, and other guys before him?
  9. I imagine this has been brought up before, and I've heard evidence suggesting that size is more often that not equal to overall body structure and not just height- but not always- and I've been moved to ask then how tall everyone is compared to their size. Having said that: How tall are you, and how big are you? If this has been discussed before and there is a link, send it my way- and otherwise if people want to just post their height and leave their lengths up to their profiles well then that's just dandy. To start things off: I'm 5 foot 8, 5.75 to 6.25 length, 4.75 width.
  10. I find myself with similar fantasies- but only if I'm the one with the bigger dick than other guys. Thinking of my gf with other, larger guys upsets me most because the thought of her being dominated by someone else is just crushing. On the other hand I would love to do the dominating, and it's the futility that I will never be able to where as other guys possibly have that unnerves me and makes it an issue the most.
  11. I appreciate again all the support you guys have given me. As much as I still fear it and draw myself into the abyss of anxiety when I see how much it hurts her I always stop and realise what really is important to her. The other night I had fallen completely and we got into a heated discussion about it and where all I could say was "I hate picturing some 8'' guy being in the woman I love" and "You were just with him for that..." etc etc. She felt very upset about the whole thing because she said it has never been about some guys penis for her. She told me that because I keep bri
  12. "I once had a partner that screamed, OH GOD give me 10" and make me bleed". so I fucked her 2X and punched her in the nose. -haha, very well said. I appreciate your post very much. Like I said I keep coming back here as a fall back when I'm finding myself slip. I read the literature and I can pass it on- but not until I'm completely convinced. Often I do find myself comparing myself or fighting issues of self esteem. I used to be overweight for my height but I've spent the better half of a year and a half losing weight and getting in shape. That's how I met her in the first place
  13. Thanks for your words of wisdom reality check. Your name says it all and I think it's exactly what I needed. I still find myself having highs and lows and it seems to me that when something goes wrong in our relationship I will fall back onto it being about my size. I have been actively fighting it though and when I'm feeling good I'm feeling good. When she's there and looks me in my eyes and I can see it and hear and feel it that she wants me, only me, and doesnt think or want or prefer the sizes from before- I can see that she's sincere and feels what she says. I keep coming back
  14. I've read some more and had some time to reflect on my post- In summation (for those that skim): How am I certain she's not trading the better sex for the better guy? How do I fight this cycle of insecurity- avoid the jealousy of her past and learn to excercise the positive I can offer?
  15. Your post breathes a sort of relief into my head. My story isn't about hitting rock bottom, but more about the intricate questions, counter-questions and insecurities that plague my mind and ultimately affect my relationship and my personality day to day. When you speak with confidence and security in that you've found someone and are starting to enjoy everything you hadn't before you make me hopeful that I can just "get over" my self-belittling thought process and move on with my life.
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