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  1. From a long-time lurker, it's nice to hear from you and that you're taking positive steps to address your situation. I'm not sure if they have naturopaths in Japan but my wife had similar (but not exactly the same) issues. It wasn't until she started to see a naturopath to help her address her hormonal issues as well as her diabetes that things started to turn around. So you're on the right track! Just stick with it and remember to take time to heal yourself.
  2. There is an ample amount of Asian porn where the guys are smaller in size without it being focussed on cuckold or humiliation. I guess they don't have as much of a focus on massive penis size as they do in the West. I remember seeing a number of vids of Maria Ozawa with guys that weren't hung.
  3. I would imagine that the drug company that invented such a pill would make sure that the effects were temporary. There's no money in it for them if it works perfectly and permanently.
  4. a) Depends on the woman. You need to make sure you have open communication. Yes. I've tried the cyberskin and vixskin ones. Ask away. Or search the forum... there are a few threads floating about already about extension. c) Probably not unless you use it constantly for prolonged sessions. Even then, eventually, it should be fine. Just think of child birth - that's way bigger than the extension you bought.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if this was mentioned as a suggestion before, but there are medical prosthetics that companies make that might provide you with some help. Obviously, this would be just a superficial answer, but perhaps it would help your self esteem (and is the only reason why I bring it up). Take a look at this site I found Reelmagik Medical Prosthetics. Again, sorry if this doesn't help you. Just trying to think of something that might.
  6. Yes. I agree. I think one of the best parts (aside from the extra moans) is the feeling of giving the wife "long strokes" compared to shallow ones. For a long time we stopped using them (wife wasn't interested in them anymore) but a few months ago we tried it out again just for kicks. Best sex that we had for a long time. I was finally able to try out the chocolate vixskin ride on (we tried it years ago but it was too big). Turns out we just needed to take it slow. Well worth the wait. We haven't used it since (wifey said it was too big) but it was a memorable couple of weeks. Think I'm just lucky my wifey is open to experimenting.
  7. Have you tried using a cockring at the base to hold the condom in place?
  8. Each woman is a little different. From what you said, it sounds like she requires more stimulation to her clit. That's something that doesn't really have anything to do with your girth. Have you tried "grinding" more than "thrusting"? If she can get off on clitoral stimulation, you might need to spend more time with foreplay or have her grind on top of you. That way she can control the amount of pressure and where it's directed. Good luck!
  9. I think that's from Cum On Dagny I recall there was a video somewhere where he was giving facials to a bunch of different women and they were all surprised at how much cum came out of him. Can't seem to find it right now but here's a compilation: here
  10. Thanks! I always hated the strong rubber smell of some toys. When cyberskin came out, I thought it was great but cleaning it can be a pain. So when I saw this I thought it sounds too good to be true. I was really interested in the Ride On - it's supposed to work as an extender that you can slip on (or use if you have ED). I saw a video of it here It all sounded good - soft and skinlike, strapless, and from the video it seemed like it didn't have the same problems as the cyberskin extender (the floppy head). Might have to try one of those.
  11. Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried the new VixSkin toys from Vixen Creations? Vixen Creations It's a type of silicone that sound similar to cyberskin (so easier to clean).
  12. Wrong head, lol! But since you brought it up... I've always steered away from the metal ones. I guess I was always afraid that I wouldn't be able to remove it and wind up in the hospital with a really funny (but embarrasing story). Occassionally, I see those metal rings used for holding loose leaf paper (they come in a bunch of different sizes) and I almost want to try them out but then I regain my senses.
  13. We've tried a couple of the different vibrating cock rings in the past. They were pretty good - they do what they claim. But it's more of a novelty than anything else and we haven't used it much since then. I do use regular cock rings all the time as it keeps me harder. I bought the 3 pack of stretchy silicone rings for under $10 - so it's a pretty good deal. They come in 3 sizes so it's easy to find one that fits. I've noticed that over time, they tend to shrink (so I bought another set). If you have trouble with condom slipping, they can also be worn over the condom to help it from slipping off.
  14. I would say that if the 3 doctors all told you that you were fine and that you shouldn't do it - don't do it. They have nothing to gain from lying to you. And I agree that it's probably more to do with how you perceive yourself than how others do. Best of luck and hope you can see that you're more than the sum of your parts!
  15. It's not one person's fault either way, but it can be done. My wife and I are asian and she has her best orgasms when she rides/grinds on top. In the beginning, there were times when I slipped out (especially when she was really wet), but we both figured out what to do with a little trial and error. Nowadays, I just make sure I grind with her instead of trying to plunge in and out. You could try a pillow under your butt to change the angle a bit.
  16. Not pictures, but have you tried searching the asian category on Tube8 ? They have a number of videos there and the asian ones tend to have guys on the "smaller" (or more average size) - note: they also have a bunch with above-average sizes so you kind of have to weed through them. Here's a couple that might be what you're looking for: vid 1 - you can tell it's shorter - she only uses her thumb and index finger to stroke him vid 2 - not too short but on the thin side vid 3 - on the shorter side vid 4 - definately smaller but it doesn't really qualify as hetero... well, depends on if you consider them as "he" or "she"
  17. You know' date=' that might be a good idea. I'm sure if we all put our minds to it, we could probably come up with a much better design than what they have out there. Can you imagine all the money we could make? Maybe call it the Measurection Extension :content: [/quote'] Here, I'll start with some of the requirements: - material should be made of some type of realistic material (like cyberskin) - unlike cyberskin, the material should be easier to clean - available in different lengths, thicknesses and colour - sleeve should be firm enough to prevent "flopping over" but soft enough for easy penetration - no straps required feel free to add on
  18. You know, that might be a good idea. I'm sure if we all put our minds to it, we could probably come up with a much better design than what they have out there. Can you imagine all the money we could make? Maybe call it the Measurection Extension :content:
  19. Yes, there's a whole bunch of different types of extensions. The one here is the kind that we've used before and it works well for us. I trimmed a little off so it fit perfectly on me. But I know what you mean... I've tried a different one that was just too wide and it slipped right off. You kind of have to try different things out and see what's best for you (make sure your significant other is okay with it though - communication is the key). And if you are really having problems keeping it on, then yes, I would also recommend the hollow strap-on. We tried one many years ago (before all of the new cyberskin-type materials came out) and didn't like it. But I'm sure the materials they make them out of now would be much better. I've seen the 2nd extension that you mentioned and did think of trying it out but it seemed to be too difficult to fit properly (you would have to trim off the top part instead of the bottom part to make sure the length is right). Good luck with whatever you choose.
  20. I don't think you're an odd couple... everyone's body is just made a little differently. When my wife (then girlfriend) started having sex, she was extremely tight. Over the years, and after finding out what buttons to push to get her wet, I've found that she can get pretty loose (especially when she's on top). That was kind of what started me to look into extensions in the first place. Fortunately for me, she practices her kegels and can make herself very tight when she concentrates. I think the thing is that you'll have to try different sleeves/extensions to see which one will work for both of you... it's really hard to tell from the pictures on boxes what something will actually feel like. For example, if you wife is looking mainly for girth, you might be better off with a sleeve. Speaking of extensions, has anyone seen that website where the guy has a really huge (and obviously fake) penis? It's probably 18-24" long. I remember seeing a video once and the extension looked so life-like. It was strapless but the guy had to hold it by the base because it was so huge.
  21. After I read your post I did a quick search for reviews on that one and it seemed like everyone liked it (although most people agreed and said the inner tube caused trouble and they had to take it out). It still sounds pretty neat (especially for the price). I think the only things that turn me off it are: 1) it says it's made of rubber and 2) the colour and texture doesn't seem very natural My wife and I had a strap-on extension many years ago made of rubber and the smell of the rubber was a big turn-off for us (although things are probably better now). And it also didn't look very much like a real penis (it was just too smooth). The one that you mentioned looked interesting with all the veins and texture but I think my wife would probably faint just seeing it. I think my ideal extension would be a strapless extension that you could use with or without an erection that was adjustable in length and was made of a material that looked and felt just like skin (preferably available in different skin tones so I could match my skin colour)... Thanks for the info!
  22. The one that I'm using adds an extra 3" in length and a bit of girth. It's not really a strap on though because there are no straps. Here's what it looks like: Cyberskin extension There's a 4" extra thick extension but my wife can barely fit the one that we have right now. Oh, on another note, I was looking for penis sleeve awhile ago and decided to get this: X-tasy vibe because I heard that you could take the cyberskin sleeve off the vibrator and use the sleeve by itself (I got the black one because I always wanted to see my asian wife take a thick black c*ck). I figured the sleeve would work the same was as the cyberskin extender but it wasn't as good. The sleeve was much too loose and too soft (at least the vibe worked though).
  23. To be honest' date=' I don't know the brand. It was one that was advertised on the box that it could be worn with or without an erection. It works great once it is on, but it is kind of a pain in the ass to get on. There was a removable inside sleeve that I think was supposed to go on your penis without an erection, but I always use it with an erection. Getting hard is not the problem, size is. The issue is my erection does not fit inside the inside sleeve, but without the inside sleeve the main part of the extender does not hold its shape. I ended up cutting the inside sleeve down so it fits over just the head of my dick and not the shaft and keeps the hollow extension in the right shape. Once the inside sleeve is on and the out side sleeve is on it really stays in place and I can fuck with no problem. I don't know if that makes sense, but my point is i can't really recommend it because it only works for me because of some modifications I made. I'm still looking for a better option. I tried the cyberskin model, but it would not stay on and the end flopped around too much. [/quote'] I've actually got the cyberskin extension and like it very much (although I do agree that the head is a bit heavy). I think it's pretty much a hit or miss thing... if it fits you perfectly then it's fine but otherwise, it can be difficult to wear. The one that you mentioned that you have sounds interesting. The problem with the cyberskin one is that it can get floppy where the extension meets the sleeve. Is this the one that you have? Perfect Marital Aid
  24. I actually used to do this too before I learned the "correct method". At the time, I didn't know better... and it felt good at the time. Later on, while watching some porn, I learned that things felt better the "normal way" and I haven't looked back since. I've always kind of wondered if it affected my size. I haven't had any other trouble though and I wasn't that big to begin with anyways.
  25. Does anyone else here think that there is a big conspiracy between the condom manufacturers and the condom retailers in Canada? I've noticed that drug stores now seem to carry a lot more XXL condoms but few (if any) smaller condoms. While it's true that they are probably only responding to public demand - and who's really going to walk up to the female cashier and ask her why they don't sell small condoms? It seems like there is also been a movement of the condom manufacturers to increase the width of condoms available in Canada. Here is my case... A number of years ago, I always bought Durex condoms. Specifically the non-lub version which had a nominal width of 54mm at the time. This is equivalent to a circumference of about 4.09" (52*2/10/2.54). A few years ago, I noticed that all of the non-lub Durex had increased in size to 56mm nominal width = 4.41" I decided to buy a different Durex product, the sensi-thin which was 54 mm but that went up to 56mm as well. The love, performax, etc... most had all went up to 56mm! I tried them out to see if it was okay (who would think that 2mm would make a difference) but found that the new Durex felt like they would slip off too easily. I believe Durex only has a few products left that are under 56 mm. So I thought to try a different brand. I tried the Kimono Micro Thins which were great but I soon found it very difficult to find them in the drug stores that use to carry them. Either all of the smaller men were buying them up or the drug stores were stopping carrying them. But why would the condom manufactuers or drug stores stop selling small condoms? To what end??? The only result of selling larger condoms is to increase the amount of possible slippage and unplanned pregnancies. I believe there are a few well-endowed executives who are trying to ensure that the "average man" has a small penis compared to them. To accomplish this, they are trying to ensure that men who are less-endowed have more condom slippages and result in more pregnancies. They are hoping that these men will have sons with smaller packages and result in a world full of "smaller men" compared to the well-endowed executives. :roflmao: Then again, maybe I've just been watching too many tv shows...
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