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  1. to tell you the truth people have no idea how many inches is this or that. many people say they are 7 inches.. 5 inches... and reality is that most people are much smaller than what they say.
  2. 6" ? who ever think that is 6" is crazy... he looks about 4.5-4.9" not even 5. And the girl is not even opening her mouth to suck it so at most it is 5" around.
  3. Didn't know. But, I saw already. I just read the review.. "So why did Lawrence choose to visit the set of a porn movie, where the men really are hung like donkeys. "Jesus Christ!" he cries when one actor takes off his shorts." I don't know if anyone notice, but the guy wasn't that big... maybe just above average at 6.5-7" closer to 6.5" can anyone ID the guy in the porn movie, and post a clip here? thanks.
  4. yes anywhere from 4-4.5" no more than that,..,.
  5. I was wondering what condom size do you guys use? and what is your size. Do you think 4.5" around will slip from a regular condom or not? Any experience you want to share? One time I got scared because one condom was busted and I already came, when I pulled out my head was visible. My gf's face was frozen and scared at the same time. There was another time that one of the condom broke but it was a fancy one that had something glued at the head tip, so maybe that trigger the hole. In that one we notice because it imediatelly started hurting. I have used over 300 condoms and I wou
  6. Do you think a producer will get 10 big dicked guys for a group sex of more than 10 guys? no. When you see bangbangs of more than 5 people you will see that at least a couple of these guys are small, more than half average and one or 2 that are the performers for that producer. In other words a producer may use many performers, but most of them have just a few since that is why you dont see many different guys in porn. They stick to just a few like bangbros, brazzers, etc. Because they dont want a random guy everytime that loses his erection and can't handle the job, they lose mone
  7. I thought I was normal when I was young since I only saw my father naked.. and I thought I was going to be like that when older. Then at age 11 I saw my friend is dick who I though he was huge... I didnt even bother to show him mine.. he was like 14-15 at the time... I didnt think I was small or anything but I was embarrass to show him my penis. Then at 14-16 I started looking at porn.. they seem normal.. After 15 almost 16.. I knew I was average ( porn was the only reference) then I remeber looking for penis average and I was like 7.1" now dont know how I was measuring back then anyw
  8. her last ex wasn't 11" ... probably not even 8.5" believe me..
  9. guys stop looking at porn.... of course a penis smaller than 6" will look small when you are only comparing to porn and not the real average.. heck even at 7" you may look small or average at best since all guys in porn have one..
  10. Paradise Super Sensitive is smaller than snugger fit ... the snugger fit is 1.75" wide and the paradise is 1.5". Average condoms are 2" and Magnums are 2.1-2.25" not much difference between the average...
  11. I was just wondering how big was him... bigger than 4.5" like your old bf? And I hate the idea that someone will hide such things until marriage.. just insane.
  12. Still done is some countries... And probably will be there for years to come.
  13. Well technically we can't say that because literally all these yeas women obey us. Now is when they are going their own way. It should take then thousands of years from now, to find out the truth. if you dont believe me look back in to the the 1900s where women were obligated to marry a certain man choosen by the parents. And it only gets worse down the road.. 1800 , 1700 ...BC you get the idea...
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