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  1. My softie can be quite small at around 1.5", the shaft skin bunches up and my penis sits on top of tight balls. I also go to naturist clubs and swims, and the vast majority look similar to me. Yes there are a few guys with big swinging dicks but they are very much in the minority. So I've no problem wandering about with a shriveled cock since it's pretty much the norm and nobody cares in these environments.
  2. Hair is light brown, as is body hair. Head 50% grey Face 20% grey Chest 40% grey Pubes 20% grey (when I let them grow)
  3. Yes, girth is where it's at! One of my friends used to say "long and thin goes right in, short and thick does the trick." I'm sure person to person is easier to see the differences, photos can be quite misleading (not always deliberately)
  4. In a previous job we had a gym about 10 minutes away from the office, so many of us joined and used to workout, racquet sports, team sports etc. It had the old gang style showers when you hung up your towel on a hook and walked in naked. Never felt awkward or anxious myself, it was just a bunch of guys showering after sports, never any comments about size/shape that I noticed. I used to play squash with my boss, actually the boss of my boss and one of the company founders, not an issue. Went on a business trip to Japan with a colleague, he'd been there before and suggested we used the on
  5. Circumcision has become less common in the UK since I was a boy. My early years perspective was swayed since my close friends were all cut, so were my brother and father. Don't often see people naked in locker rooms anymore, but it's been a while since I've seen anyone else. Even when I go to naturist clubs or swims, it's fairly uncommon even thought many are around my age. I did a quick count on one visit, only 3 in 30 were cut, including myself. I do notice people having a look, I suppose an exposed glans does draw some attention if you are used to seeing them covered, and perhaps sugge
  6. Seems a couple of you are lucky enough to have friends you can openly chat to. Although I've played team sports most of my life and showered with most of my close friends, I can't say anyone has ever raised the subject. One of my old friends when we used to play tennis or squash asked about me being circumcised, he showed me how his foreskin worked when we were showering, something I'd seen him do many times but I think he sensed I was a little curious as I'd never seen one before. Years ago there was a TV programme called My penis and everyone elses' which brought up the topic of size, a
  7. I used to give my cock a quick tug after sport, always looked a little shriveled after playing football in the cold. These days I'm not bothered, I just let the hot water in the shower work it's magic!
  8. I've gone through stages of my life of being quite shy, thinking I'm small, and being jealous of the guys with a swinging dick in the locker rooms. I was quite shy in my younger teen years, being the youngest in my class I was nearly a year behind when puberty hit. At college I had no inhibitions in the locker rooms or using the communal showers. I saw all shapes and sizes, majority were like me, average and mostly shriveled after playing sports. I think porn poisoned me after that, it became easier to find online and subconsciously it started to affect me, and my self esteem. Fortunately
  9. "It's not the size of the worm, it's how you wiggle it" I get comments about being smooth, being cut, how my penis looks, rarely about actual size.
  10. Yes, I remember those, just be careful not to burn fingers when the flash cube needed changing. Kids today don't understand the challenge of sending dick pics in our day.
  11. Just have to go old school, take a pic with camera, take it to chemists to be developed in 48 hours, pic up snaps stick them in a envelope and mail them to recipient.
  12. Never tried the cam here. I think other sites have switched away from Flash for the above reasons
  13. That's just modern societal thinking, bigger is better. The ancients Greeks thought a large penis was vulgar, in some cultures it's a sign of vigour. There's an outline of a chalk man in Dorset called the Cerna Abbas Giant depicting a man with a club and a prominent erection. I'm sure there are many men who think they are better because they were gifted a large penis, it's a somewhat juvenile attitude to have sadly. I've never encountered such issues at gyms and or nude beaches, nude swims or naturist clubs. In the many years I've played sports and showered communally with friends, i
  14. I'm straight, and I look, don't mind admitting it either, it's natural to check out others, it's not often we see each other naked. I've had strings of precum quite a few times, not always from being consciously aroused either. Happened a few times when at naturist club after lying in sun, I'm sure a few people have seen it but it's never been mentioned, just be discrete about cleaning up!
  15. I'm happy with my erect size (average) and girth (thick). Not many people see me in this state though, and when they do see me naked I'm usually quite small and shrunken... couple that with my general large frame and big thighs, my penis looks a little lost! So yes, another inch when flaccid would be nice, like when I've been sitting in the warm sunshine, rather than getting out of a cold bath.
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