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    6'3", 190 lbs., mid 30's, good-looking, well-built, hairy-chested, athletic, small dick (4"x4"), big balls. Married.

    Heavy into sports. Played football in high school and college. Gym 3-4 times a week. Jogging daily. Pick-up basketball, co-ed volleyball and softball. Love music, reading (fiction, science, history), eating out, friends, traveling and RVing

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  1. Although we're both "very good looking and take incredible care of" our bodies, he and I suffer from the comparison to "little boy" from opposite directions: He has small, boyish features and a "nearly 8inch penis with a circumference of almost 7 inches", while I have very well-developed, masculine features and a barely 4-inch penis with a circumference of just under 4 inches. The reactions he gets "when someone sees [his] boyish body and then [his] very man-size penis" are surely just the opposite of those I get when someone sees my masculine body and then my very boy-sized penis. Question: If his "nearly 8inch penis with a circumference of almost 7 inches" is "proof to anyone that [he is] not a boy," then is my barely 4-inch penis with a circumference of just under 4 inches" proof to anyone that I am not a man? Just curious.
  2. I don't remember why -- probably as a lubricant beating off -- but I remember putting BenGay on my cock. . . "ZOWIE!" How could anything that small sting that much? Not smooth!
  3. I don't think being on this site (or other penis-related sites) has made me any more or less confident about my penis. I'm basically an extremely confident guy with many underlying insecurities about the size of my cock. These don't affect me that much outside of sex. What the forums and chat have done is help me better understand myself. You could say it's a form of penis size therapy. It's begun to explain why I behaved or reacted in certain ways. Outwardly you might conclude that it's had a negative effect, in that it's made me realize some hard (and dark, really dark) truths about myself which I had buried deep down in my subconscious.* But that's not really the case. Facing them and understanding them has made me a more rounded individual. Like, "So that's why I did that!" As Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." Of course, that's easy enough for him to say; he committed suicide. I'm examining myself without the hemlock. * For instance, I've engaged in activities and behaviors of a nature which I still hesitate to talk about to others or even acknowledge to myself. I actually blocked them from my mind as if they never happened. Like a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I am beginning to confront and understand them. (BTW, I now see why RLS named his "monster" Mr Hyde; he too hid the dark things he'd done from his good side.)
  4. I'm not so finicky. I describe myself as small, sometimes even tiny. I don't see it as body shaming. What is, is. "Smaller" is a comparative adjective; it shows a relationship between two things. By itself, though, it does not state what the comparison is to. Smaller than what? A large cock? An average cock? A bread box? The Washington Monument? Although not always clearly defined, small, average, and large are objective classifications. I know where I fit into that scheme, and it doesn't shame me one whit. Or two. Comparative adjectives can work the opposite way. What if someone over at LPSG started saying they're larger? Than who? The guys here? Wouldn't that be body shaming? I consider myself as good-looking. A veritable 10 (on a scale of 5). But I never describe myself as better-looking, because that implies I'm saying I'm better-looking than someone else, who might consequently be offended. I just let it go that I'm good-looking; that doesn't say other guys aren't equally good-looking, or even better-looking.
  5. Never thought about this in the context of the internet. I've never used a hookup or dating site. (And my wife better not catch me!) Even now can't imagine doing so. I enjoyed the hunt too much. Plus, my looks were my big drawing card. That doesn't come through over the internet. When I was single and on the prowl, I almost never told a girl beforehand what I was packing. Feared it might ruin my chances of getting laid. Once I got them to the bedroom, it was like the point of no return. They were committed. At the same time, it usually gave them a chance to find out my better points. . . when I wasn't using them talking. However, I did occasionally let a girl in on my little secret just for the hell of it. I one time went to a house party up in the mountains thrown by a famous architect and his girlfriend, a girl I'd gone with a few years back. One of the male guests had to leave on Saturday afternoon due to a work emergency. On Sunday afternoon, the hostess, my former girlfriend, asked me to chauffeur the guy's stranded girlfriend. On the way back to town she asked me how I came to know the hostess. I explained that we'd once gone together. In fact I was still living in the apartment we had shared. For some reason, I got a mischievous impulse and told her she'd dumped me because my dick was too small, that she'd decided she needed more than just oral. (True.) Anyways, when we got to the girl's apartment, she asked me up for hot cocoa. Well, a good time was had by all. The girl got more than just oral. I never got the hot cocoa. It's kind of funny, come to think about it, but I've learned that many of the girls I've had sex with knew how I was hung beforehand. Two instances: (1) I had a hotel affair with a girl I'd gone to high school with. Found out it was no surprise to her how I was hung; she'd heard I had a small dick from girlfriends. ("Who cares? He's a hunk!") (2) I once finally scored with a girl I'd had my eye on for a long time at my college meeting place. After sex, I did the Michael York scene from "Cabaret", flexing my muscle and asking, "Haven't I got the best body you've ever seen?" The next time I went to the diner, I learned she'd told everybody how conceited I was and tossed in for good measure the fact that I was rotten in bed and had a tiny dick. All a misunderstanding. Funny thing, though. It didn't hurt my chances with the ladies. In fact, if anything, they got better. So, apparently a small dick isn't always a killer issue. However, I think it would probably hurt your chances right off the bat. I know in situations where the clothes come off, like nude beaches and sex clubs, my success rate with women certainly took a dive.
  6. Maybe by needing to have the biggest truck on the road? Well, we have a 5th-wheel RV pulled by a Ford 250. It's not the biggest truck on the road, but it's pretty big. We both also have "luxury" cars. I don't know whether that means I'm compensating. I did have pretty hot cars when I was single. I don't know what that means. I just enjoyed them. Maybe by needing to have the prettiest eye-candy by your side, even if they're not really your type? Well, most the women I dated were 9s or 10s (my current wife is a 20! My first was a cute high school cheerleader.) I don't know whether that's compensating. I just like good-looking women for some reason.* Plus, I always made sure I liked them before going home with them. I don't think I ever dated a girl I didn't really like. The major factor is that I've had lots of women, more than most guys. I like to say it's because of my looks. That explains the how. The why is a totally different question. I guess I just enjoyed the hunt, the sense of conquest, the joy of doing something well. I'm sure there was a lot of compensation involved. I know I enjoyed impressing my buddies by leaving with the hottest chick in the place. (The ones who'd seen me naked and knew how little I had to offer a girl were undoubtedly scratching their heads!) Maybe by acting ultra-macho around others? Don't think I ever acted super-macho. I am very masculine: well-built, good-looking, athletic, naturally confident. Never had to act macho. On the other hand, I'd learned from a young age never to show weakness, so I guess that could be interpreted as a form of acting macho. Maybe by drinking more than others? Never the case with me. Never. I have an extremely low tolerance for liquor. Two hard drinks usually gets me blotto. My wife can drink me under the table, and she's half my weight. When I was in the Navy, my buddies were always carrying me back to the ship and tossing me into my berth. Drinking more than other guys would be suicidal for me. When it comes to liquor, I'm a total pussy. Maybe by getting into unnecessary fights, etc.? Guilty as charged. I wrestled in high school and was into martial arts since a little kid. Although it wasn't an everyday occurrence, I had my share of (bar and street) fights, especially in the Navy. Got into a few really bad scrapes. Real stupid looking back -- it's really easy to get seriously injured; anyone can land a lucky punch and that's all it takes -- but lotsa fun. Now I'm a regular fraidy cat. I don't know whether that's a way of compensating for a small dick. I just enjoyed scrapping. I never felt like I was ever compensating, but there might have been more of that than I thought. I don't think it showed much, though. I don't think I could have been as popular as I am with guys and girls if they thought I was. * This is gonna sound funny but it's often easier to pick up the really good-looking chicks. A lot of guys are afraid to hit on them for fear they'll be rejected. This leaves the way open for guys like me who have the balls, if not the cock!
  7. Mine are bigger than most, without being freakish. I leave things natural down there. I'm a fairly tall guy (6'3"), 195 lbs, and muscular. Therefore, I think most people think I've probably got a big dick. My big balls mean I also show a fairly big bulge, which also leads many to a false assumption about my size.
  8. I think it's perfectly formed, completely straight and isn't bent. It gets rock hard and the skin is taut and completely smooth. It's darker than most guys and despite its size looks very masculine.
  9. My flaccid penis is normally around 1.5" x 3". Occasionally a little smaller, sometimes maybe 2 - 2.5". It's typically nearly buried in my pubic hair. Big balls, though. I'm cut and my cock and balls are darker than most guys. I, too, sometimes feel uncomfortable and have to adjust things every once in awhile. Since I leave my pubes natural and am a fairly hairy guy, my dick sometimes gets tangled up in my pubic hair. No, I don't wish my flaccid (or erect) cock were bigger. I think I have a hot-looking cock. But that's just me. I'm sure many women wish it were bigger.
  10. I had two similar experiences. In college, I woke up one morning. It was warm and we didn't have air conditioning. I sensed the covers had come off and I was sporting morning wood. I then became aware that my roommate in the adjoining bed was masturbating. I couldn't tell whether he was watching me because the night stand blocked the view of his face, but I'm pretty sure he was. Kind of weird because I'm pretty sure he was straight. It was kinda hot, though, especially since we didn't get on very well. The other time was in the Navy. I was in the upper bunk right off the entrance to the head (bathroom). I woke up in the morning with a roaring hard-on poking through the slit through my white government-issue boxers. Like the other time, the covers had come off. For some reason it turned me on to feign sleep and remain exposed like that for ten or fifteen minutes until I had to get ready for duty. It was kinda hot thinking of the guys passing back and forth to the head seeing my little 4" cock poking out of my fly like that. Since that's bone-pressed, it was visually probably more like 3.5". It probably looked even smaller on my muscular 6'3" frame. When I was a teenager, a cousin who'd lost both of her parents in an automobile accident lived with us during our last few years of high school. She was nice-looking, about the same age as my brother who was 18 months older than me. We had to share the same bathroom. Inevitably there'd been the occasionally accidental exposure by all of us. No big deal. I was curious, though, what she thought about my brother and me. Although he was older, I was the taller, better built and more athletic, but his cock was much bigger, hanging down past his balls while mine was almost buried in my pubic hair. Years later she confessed she had a crush on me and thought I was really cute. I used to surf. People passing by would occasionally catch a glimpse of us while we were changing in and out of our wetsuits. I actually enjoyed that since I've always been proud of my body. My wife and I "parade around nude" about the house, but we both occasionally head to the kitchen or laundry unclothed, passing before the large glass doors out to the patio and back yard. We have Mexican gardeners who come once a week. One's in his 30s, the other's in his early 20s. My wife's more careful, but I've occasionally been caught when they've first arrived and haven't started up their lawn equipment yet. I'm sure they'd much rather catch my wife naked. I always imagine they have big thick uncut cocks in their pants. I imagine they wouldn't mind showing them to my wife.
  11. Just to make things clear. I wasn't questioning that the average penis is between 5-6 inches long. Most peg it at about 5.2 inches. I too wrestled and was in the Navy. Most guys are about the same (except myself and the jerk I can't stand! like the guy who just pinned me in the wrestling match!). I was addressing the commonly held belief that women (and many gays for that matter) overstate the size of the penis. I did this through an old joke. Unfortunately, all too many misunderstand or don't get humor. Not only is satire what closes on Saturday night, as the playwright George S Kaufman ruefully observed, it's often taken literally. I keep reminding myself to use smilies more. But there's no equivalent IRL. I think I'm pretty good at guessing who'll pick up on a joke, but I still occasionally find myself trying to explain a pun to some totally perplexed and befuddled person. If a clerk instructs you to swipe your credit card and doesn't know the larcenous meaning of "swipe", making a crack like "Isn't that illegal?" will leave you trying to explain the difference. Usually you give up or he or she will act like they understand just to get you out of their hair. Luckily IRL I tend to be the strong, silent type, so it doesn't happen that much. That's mostly because I don't think of the killer line until much later.
  12. This female problem with measurement can be explained by the old joke. When asked to demonstrate six inches, women separate their thumbs and fore-fingers four inches apart. Because their boyfriends have told them their cocks are six inches long. Over at LPSG, the girlfriends separate their thumbs and fore-fingers by the same four inches when asked to demonstrate eight inches. It's all relative. BTW, when I was growing up, which wasn't that so long ago, everyone still said the penis was 6 inches long. It was only when I started coming on sites like this that I heard anyone say the penis was 5.2 inches. One of my roommates in college, a Christopher Reeve Superman body-builder lookalike, said his was 5 inches long, and, although he was now happy with it, thought it was small. Heck, he was just a rounding average away from being average. I shoulda known things weren't what they seemed. Once some of his body-builder friends came over. Somehow the subject came up. They bowled me over by being so open about things. They all -- except one -- admitted to being small. They were all in the five-inch range. The exception was six-inches exactly. A giant! I was the pygmy.
  13. It's been a long time. I was never sure what she told my wife. By way of explanation, I was very immature at the time. Probably still am! My wife and I had gone through a tumultuous relationship as "best friends" for five years before throwing in the towel and getting married. It's a long story, but she had put the moves on me first. I didn't reciprocate because I was living with someone else at the time. Reciprocate is too kind of a term. I left her standing with egg on her face. When I broke off with the other girl, I ran into her (while dating another girl). I asked this other girl who she was. I couldn't take my eyes off her. (I'm pretty sure I pissed this other girl off by my interest! BTW I'm still friends with her!) Anyways, we started dating. . . but I never got to first base. No matter how hard I tried. Well, to be precise, I was too proud to really try that openly, afraid of being rejected, as I was sure she would. A vicious cycle was set in place. At midnight she'd leave me at the door (or send me on my way). Looking back, I took my frustrations out on her. . . and her revenge on me. Let's say it was an extremely up-and-down, rollercoaster relationship. I wasn't used to being turned down, and neither was she. We had our stormy encounters. Once I didn't talk to her for six months. One night we had it out. I finally let down my guard and told her how I felt. She quietly said, "Have you ever told me that?" Well, after five years making ourselves and everything around us miserable, we finally decided to get married. Even then, I got in a huff over something, and it took her (other) best friend Dick to come over one night to my place and telling me I was a total jerk, that we obviously loved each other, we'd regret this for the rest of our lives, go back and apologize, and get on with it.* I suppose these "infidelities" were really just reflexive reactions my previous emotional mess. After that, however, I put the past behind me (where else?) and it's gotten better with each passing day. I thank Dick every day for putting me right.* * A side note about Dick (with a capital letter): As I said, Dick's her other "best friend." They love doing things together. He's a feeaking genius in certain areas, like science, art and classical music. ("Let's ask Dick!" Grrr!) In fact, he stayed in our guest house during the Covid scare. Dick's admittedly in love with her and, in a platonic way, she with him. When we were going together, she really rubbed salt in the wound by mentioning she'd gotten it on with him once. She claimed he "wasn't that bad" and had a "big dick". (Grrr! He would!) Oh, well, she married me! Eat your heart out, Big Dick!
  14. Flaccid length: 1.5" to 2.25" Flaccid girth: 3" Erect length: 4” Erect girth: 4" (3-7/8") Big testicles Circumcised at birth
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