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    Heavy into sports. Played football in high school and college. Gym 3-4 times a week. Jogging daily. Pick-up basketball, co-ed volleyball and softball. Love music, reading (fiction, science, history), eating out, friends, traveling and RVing

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  1. For the first part of our marriage, mention of size was strictly forbidden with my wife. A couple years ago we started mentioning size and comparing her 7.5" dildo to my 4" penis. This led to a great deal of size talk and comparing my cock to her ex-lovers. (Her lover of 2.5 years was about the same size as her dildo.) This really opened up our sex lives. The subject was no longer the "elephant in the room". We found it turned us both on to explore the subject. My wife makes no secret that she thinks I'm very attractive and sexy (despite the small cock), so this has never had any negativ
  2. Here I am! (For some reason you have to click on image to get full size)
  3. I'm hung like a chipmunk. Many of the women I've slept with have probably been unsatisfied with my size but for some reason have stuck around. I've always felt I made up for my shortcomings in other ways. If not, it's time to move on. Speaking of moving on, canuck45 mentions he goes kayaking. Is that like "It's not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean"? I'd give that a try. Speaking of boats, I was in the Navy. I had a gay friend who used to sing a song to me whenever we showered together at the gym. It went something like "You've got the cutest little dinghy in the Navy."
  4. Agree with pfm. I'm hung like a chipmunk and have an attitude.
  5. Same here. I'm naturally somewhat "fair-skinned" but tan easily, so usually am golden brown during the summer. Great tan line! However, my genitals are darker than most, somewhere between a Latino's and an African American's. Since I have dark pubic hair, it makes my small button dick disappear even more. Since I've been a nudist a lot during my life, they even get darker after being out in the sun.
  6. I only saw two partners of my size. Seems like a member in good standing here at Measurection, you've been flirting with the enemy a bit too much!
  7. In my first "real" job after college, the manager of our department had a "temp" secretary while his regular was out having a baby. The temp was a really fun gal in her late thirties. She enjoyed a rather "wild" life-style. She was on her fourth (or fifth?) husband. She mentioned her previous husband was a lot younger than she and very good-looking. He had a huge cock, and that was partly the cause of their divorce. Sex was always painful. Her current hubby was smaller. One day she brought in pics of her husband and friends at a nearby nude beach. She asked if I'd like to join them next w
  8. Now? Not unless I were wearing underwear. Can't think of a situation where they wouldn't be inappropriate, except for around the house or out by the pool. Even at a nude beach they'd draw disapproving looks; guys with clothes on are persona non grata, especially those with a camera. However, when I was younger and single, yes. I have a definite exhibitionist streak in me, especially when I streaked in college. When I was in my middle-late teens, I used to hang out on my bike on the side of the road by the beach. I mean hang out in the literal sense! It was quite the thing for young guys
  9. My glans is at the end of my dick furthest from my body. It's very small but perfectly formed. It likes to go where no man has ever gone before. It often ends up in places beyond its depth. It's not in da hood.
  10. I strive to be an introvert. Quiet and unassuming. Gary Cooper is my role model. However, despite my best efforts, I end up being the center of attention. Why don't people just let me be shy? I'd love to be the wallflower, but I'm always out on the floor dancing. Like they say about blacks, I have a great sense of rhythm. Unfortunately I don't have another asset black men are supposed to have.
  11. I only meant that some women prefer smaller cocks for physical reasons. I dated a girl who very seldom enjoyed sex because most guys were too big for her and sex was just painful. Funny, she was best friends with a girl I'd dated earlier. Her girlfriend had told her I'd be perfect for her. On the other hand, some girls get turned on by guys with small cocks for other reasons. There could be a variety of reasons: dominance, control, exposing a man's vulnerability, etc. One woman I dated for a short time enjoyed the domination factor. The sex was just okay. It was controlling a big, mascul
  12. Depends on how old they are. I've always felt one of the huge advantages of a small cock (if huge is the appropriate word) is that girls can give me a great blow job without suffering lock jaw. It's probably one of the big reasons (there I go again!) I prefer oral sex any day (or night) over fucking. Not so much pressure on my tiny four-incher to deliver the goods.
  13. BTW, when I grew up. . . and that wasn't so long ago. . . average was still 6 inches. Only recently have I heard the new 5-inch average. But I don't feel I'm that unusual. Many guys with much bigger cocks than mine felt insecure.
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