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  1. Just to make things clear. I wasn't questioning that the average penis is between 5-6 inches long. Most peg it at about 5.2 inches. I too wrestled and was in the Navy. Most guys are about the same (except myself and the jerk I can't stand! like the guy who just pinned me in the wrestling match!). I was addressing the commonly held belief that women (and many gays for that matter) overstate the size of the penis. I did this through an old joke. Unfortunately, all too many misunderstand or don't get humor. Not only is satire what closes on Saturday night, as the playwright George S Kaufman
  2. I really can't remember. but I wouldn't say she "banned" me. Just that she preferred oral (69) with me because Harry was too thick to really give a good blow job. Maybe she was just sugarcoating it for me. She didn't say it, but I had the strong feeling that she was a size queen when it came to fucking. I never thought of it that way. Just that some women are uncomfortable having sex in front of others. My first wife told me pretty much everything about her sex life, both before and during our marriage. None of ever included more than one partner. My current wife hasn't to
  3. During the second half of our marriage, my first wife and I had an open marriage. We both screwed around a lot, although we still had regular sex. Strangely, we never had 3-ways or shared with other couples. The closest was when, soon after we agreed on an open relationship, I brought a Navy buddy of mine home from the ship. We'd sometimes all make out together, but they'd go off and screw in the bedroom while I bunked down on the sofa. My current (2nd) wife and I have discussed her seeing other men but nothing's come of it so far. However, I'm sure she'd have the same reservations as my first
  4. This female problem with measurement can be explained by the old joke. When asked to demonstrate six inches, women separate their thumbs and fore-fingers four inches apart. Because their boyfriends have told them their cocks are six inches long. Over at LPSG, the girlfriends separate their thumbs and fore-fingers by the same four inches when asked to demonstrate eight inches. It's all relative. BTW, when I was growing up, which wasn't that so long ago, everyone still said the penis was 6 inches long. It was only when I started coming on sites like this that I heard anyone say
  5. It's been a long time. I was never sure what she told my wife. By way of explanation, I was very immature at the time. Probably still am! My wife and I had gone through a tumultuous relationship as "best friends" for five years before throwing in the towel and getting married. It's a long story, but she had put the moves on me first. I didn't reciprocate because I was living with someone else at the time. Reciprocate is too kind of a term. I left her standing with egg on her face. When I broke off with the other girl, I ran into her (while dating another girl). I asked this other g
  6. Flaccid length: 1.5" to 2.25" Flaccid girth: 3" Erect length: 4” Erect girth: 4" (3-7/8") Big testicles Circumcised at birth
  7. Hair on head: Dark brown/black Hair on face: Dark brown/black Hair on chest/stomach, legs/calves: Dark brown/black Pubic hair and balls: Dark brown/black Back & shoulders: None Ass: Dark brown/black I say "Dark brown/black" because, at first glance, it looks almost black, but when you look closer it's a very dark brown, or black with dark brown highlights. My wife monitors my weight and hair color. If I gain an ounce of weight or show a touch of gray, she'll dump me for a newer, slimmer, younger model. No doubt she'll upgrade to the XXL model w
  8. He claimed he was "the worst lay in the Western Hemisphere" and said he was "hung like a chipmunk". When I heard that, I said, "If it's good enough for Brad Pitt -- 'Sexiest Man Alive' -- then it's good enough for me!" Since then I've always described myself as "Hung like a Chipmunk". My wife can testify that I'm the worst lay in the Western Hemisphere. However, I agree: He doesn't look that small in the pics. Average, maybe smaller-average. Of course, you can't tell if that's a semi or not. There may be some truth to it, though. His buddy, George Clooney, once put a sticker on th
  9. This brought back memories. During the first year of our marriage, my wife and I went to a marriage counselor. I won't go into the details, but it revolved around infidelity on my part. An aggravating factor was that one episode involved my wife's best girlfriend. (She was such a good friend she felt compelled to run blabbing to my wife as soon as possible.) It was immature and totally stupid on my part. I tried to worm out of going, but she made it clear if we didn't go, she was going. . . and not to the therapist. Now our problems had nothing to do with sex, at least in the direct sens
  10. For the first part of our marriage, mention of size was strictly forbidden with my wife. A couple years ago we started mentioning size and comparing her 7.5" dildo to my 4" penis. This led to a great deal of size talk and comparing my cock to her ex-lovers. (Her lover of 2.5 years was about the same size as her dildo.) This really opened up our sex lives. The subject was no longer the "elephant in the room". We found it turned us both on to explore the subject. My wife makes no secret that she thinks I'm very attractive and sexy (despite the small cock), so this has never had any negativ
  11. Here I am! (For some reason you have to click on image to get full size)
  12. I'm hung like a chipmunk. Many of the women I've slept with have probably been unsatisfied with my size but for some reason have stuck around. I've always felt I made up for my shortcomings in other ways. If not, it's time to move on. Speaking of moving on, canuck45 mentions he goes kayaking. Is that like "It's not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean"? I'd give that a try. Speaking of boats, I was in the Navy. I had a gay friend who used to sing a song to me whenever we showered together at the gym. It went something like "You've got the cutest little dinghy in the Navy."
  13. Agree with pfm. I'm hung like a chipmunk and have an attitude.
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