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  1. in my experience you donot have to do any of that in edge, just chrome. cam works with or without microphone disabled too.
  2. it does that in chrome but not edge in my experience, i'd suggest try edge.
  3. Happy Birthday Tony.

  4. i do not believe in any of it or celebrate any of it, it would be nice if such goodwill was present year round. t
  5. truth sounds like  hate to those who hate the truth-Todd Wagner

  6. @THREEPOINT5 yes i understand at times it is slow. i hope to see you in chat some time and of course i like your user name. the SOS membership is important as it helps keeps the site going. take care, Tony
  7. still get message that name is already in use. and have for several weeks. I always use the procedures you recommend. thanks, tony
  8. @Speedo Dad avid lap swimmer here, trunks with finis ultimate drag suit over it, speedo sprint goggles, same stuff I been wearing to swim laps fo r40+ years t
  9. seems I am stuck in chat, can not access chat room, "name already in use" message. thanks t
  10. is it possible to disagree with anyone here without being called a flat earther or holocaust  denier?   is that next? the flat earther has already been used. that is how I know I am right.

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    2. Rick


      James, if your intention was to disagree with Canuck on some point or the other concerning marijuana usage, you failed miserably in even beginning to disagree with him.

      "Sieg heil" in German (note the correct spelling) is a salute in agreement with the supreme leader. Perhaps you should simply express yourself directly as to what it is you want to say, rather than throw around sarcastic buzz-words in a foreign language which completely miss the mark as to what you actually intended to say.

      Then, complaining about some "reprimand" afterward in the manner in which you just did indicates that you still have no idea that you were saluting Canuck in full agreement with him as supreme leader.

  11. who Is user name " administrator"?

    1. RodEnuf


      Where are you seeing this user name?  The system shows no user with that name.

  12. Boeing should be liquidated over the max issue

  13. "hard work" and "productivity"have little marginal relationship to each other.

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