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  1. I think im a grower. Im soft 2 inch and 4,5 inch erect. Im uncut
  2. I can understand the reaction of your friend. I was also happy when my pubes started to grow. But it took me till i was 32 when i wasnt ashamed of my penis sizze.
  3. I prefer briefs. I think they feel better
  4. I allways shave my scrotum. I trimm my pubes or i shave them
  5. I let them know im small 4,5 inch before we meet. in my profile it says that i am smal
  6. If i could choose i like to have a penis 6 lenght and 5,5 girth. But im happy what i have
  7. All of my friends and a few colleagues have seen me naked. From when i was a child till now we shower after PE or sport. On holidays me and my friends saw each other naked. It was never an issue. The only time when i heard reactions was in my footballteam when i was 14-15. That were jokes from guys in puberty. I should say to guys who are too shy to shower after sports jusy do it. You will see no one will make a remark. And is good for your self esteem
  8. Im 56 years old Cock size soft: 2,5 -3 inch Erect: 4,5 inch Girth: 4,5 inch Im now open about my size. I used to be very shy about my penis and missed out a lot when i was young
  9. When i was younger i had a big issue wiht my small penis. Now i tell guys at forehand. It is never really an issue. If they looking for bigger im ok with it.
  10. I have 2 brothers. We all have the same dick soft. My twin brother is a little shorter erect. i havent seen my oldest brother penis erect. But we jokes about our small dicks.
  11. I allways do it. I dont even think about it. It has become a routine
  12. Since my youth i shower naked with friends, schoolmates, collegues and family after sport. So im used to it and have no problems with it. Only in my puberty i felt insecure about my penis and tried not to show it. But that is problaly normal for a puber.
  13. In Amsterdam we have a few pools were you can swim nude. I go there in the autum and winter. To go to nude places has given me more self confidence. Most guys are not that big. And they never will make comments to guys who are small. So go to a nude beach or pool
  14. Age 56 Flaccid: 2,5 - 3" Erect: 4,5" Girth: 4,5"
  15. I mostly wear briefs. I love white briefs.
  16. In the Netherlands we have nude swimmong hours in swimmingpools. Here in Amsterdam we got 4 pools we can swim nude. It is mixed but the most of the nude swimmers are men. I go now and then when the weater isnt that nice. i really like it.
  17. I have a group of friends since i was 17. We have seen each other naked a lot of time. I have the smallest dick of this group. But nobody ever made a comment on dick size. This is not a subject that will change our friendship. I have learned the problem is more between the ears than between your legs.
  18. @Pilgrem Yes i use gmail on dinkydick. I dont have any problems with it.
  19. Normaly i go to a nudist place for a swim. But when i go to a swimmingpool i wear a boxer brief style swimming trunk.
  20. I have asked myself for a long time the question if my small penis is the reason i couldnt have a long relationship. Do i want to compensate to much in a relation for my small penis. Cant i be myshelf in a relationship? Are there more guys who have the same question?
  21. I have 2 brothers. One is 4 years older and one is my twin brother. My older brother is soft the same like me. Never saw him erect. My twin brother is a little smaller than me both soft as hard.
  22. Most of the time i trim my bush very short and shave my balls. Sometimes when im in the mood i shave off everything. It feels better. But my penis looks then like a boy of 10.
  23. I feel always a bit insecure aout my dick. When i have sex the first time im nervous he i much bigger than im. Mostly the guys are 1 or 1,5 inches bigger than me. And they dont look disappointed when they see me naked. But still i can be intimidated.
  24. Since 2 years i go a male masseur for my backache. I choose him because he was specialized in a butt and leg massage for backage. Of course you have to be naked. The firdt time i was worried that i get an erection. On his site he write that it can happen and that an erection is normal. Still i was a little nervous. He started to massage my back and then my legs and butt. I had to turn so i lay on my back. i had an erection and got red. he said dont worry and continued the massage. My erection disappeared and when he finished i felt great. i had a few erections after the first massage. noe i dont care anymore when it happens. I think they have seen it all before.
  25. 4,5" x 4,5 uncut. Amsterdam, The netherlands. 2,5 flaccid
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