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  1. @Ted. Now there's something I didn't realise I'd missed.
  2. I have been known, though not here and under my real name, to provocatively piss people off on-line, particularly if they express 'woke' views on behalf of others they've never met and cannot know. Perhaps that's just an Ancient Briton's way.
  3. Did not read it all, but is it fair to say Ozzie males are all wankers? May be true but boy can they play Test Cricket!
  4. Keep your account live Ben: there is little many of us can physically do to aid you, but I'm sure that most would offer what emotional and intellectual support they can.
  5. there are 14 'stars' hence I'm on 9 of 14 and in the top 2% of members. Wow, duly impressed, don't think I've ever been in the top 2% of anything, only made top 20% of idiot!
  6. I'm probably at least as confused as any/every one else: am I bothered; not sure! There is this, which seems to refer to life since the new software, but successfully ignores the previous 400+ (yes, I'm small fry) comments or posts.
  7. Well, I've responded on a crudely accurate basis: however, the more searching response would reveal that I've never had a blow job, but first successfully went down on my wife around age 27, first penetrative intercourse was around 18-19, very drunk and fuzzy memories, then nothing really until married at nearly 23.
  8. I think it's broke again! Have been in a couple of times recently, no-one there, no history, also, I do not appear on the user list, cam on public or private, everything I can do to be compliant but to no avail. Didn't think it needed too much fixing, but perhaps it now does. If the issues are with the developer and language difficulties, could not one of our members familiar are fluent, possibly a native speaker, assist Alan and the rest of the admin team?
  9. I think it may have something to do with clicking on name or private: good question, I’d like to know too, happened to me too. text seems familiar.
  10. That’s pleasing, always happy when I have helped someone I consider to be wiser and more knowledgeable than I.
  11. Adrian, I think you'll find, on any of those platforms, there is at the bottom, this or similar, Click on theme, highlight, IPS Infraskrew New (default) Might sort your problem Theme Privacy Policy Contact Us ©1997-2021 Measurection.comPowered by Invision Community
  12. Been in to videochat a couple of times now, seems to be quite amenable, but perhaps there is room for improvement I feel, possibly we could have a feedback mechanism?
  13. Odds on jackpot lottery win in UK: well over 14 million to one. I don't do the lottery. Life's lottery gave me a small to possibly by current thinking a small/average penis, but a wife with whom I had a satisfactory and effective sex life for many years (now she can't be bothered). the odds on that are much smaller (no pun intended).
  14. Happened to me too just now, might be a flash issue of course, but can no longer check that by going into chaturbate to broadcast — doesn't let you unless you purchase tokens and aint going to do that!
  15. Didn't realise it was back up, not sure I can remember my name there, though Rod and Ben at least from were friends.
  16. Several members do, from earlier posts, know of a few, some using different names: mine is slightly different, or alternatively completely different depending which username I favour.
  17. Can not see much difference: count me in!
  18. Think I always do, is just normal confuser manners!
  19. Oh grief just re read that sorry, I meant the UK union flag, not the Stars and Stripes, as opposed to the Stars and Bars
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