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  1. My gym is more like a fashion show than a sweat shop 

  2. Any one like to meet up after lookdown West mids uk 

    1. bellend07


      Love to just a pity you are far away. 

    2. Anonymous67890
  3. Is video chat working 

  4. I have done nude art class when I was 19 for extra cash, for college group as wall as home studio. It was fun and in a strange way relaxing.
  5. It’s my birthday soon do not like getting older lol

    1. Vinnig


      It beats the alternative. :P

    2. StatusQuo


      Happy birthday buddy!

    3. zebraben


      Hey Alex. Forgive me. im one day late but hope it was the best and many many more

  6. Really horny in tear 3 look down and getting fed up rrrr

  7. Hi I need a chat lol I'm tonyob111 on Kik thanks bud
  8. In the woods allways get it up in the woods lol
  9. I wos not very well a bout a month ago flu for about 2weeks and did not have any sex or wank in that time. Lol so wen I wos felling well I had a slow wank wen I cum it can out alot faster and hit the wall behind my head not don that sens I wos 16 lol and my balls and belly hurt for ages any one els don that
  10. I all ways go to the gym at night to week a go my best m8 asks me if he cud cumalong in the looker room on the way home he wos going on about penis size and that his wos really small and cud he see my penis I'm not big 4.5 soft so I depot my boxer and he had a good look at it and I thurt that wos that he asked me if I' won't a drink at his so wee went I sat down in his living room and he just cam out with can I see your penis hard I sed no way I'm not gay he sed iv got a really good xxx film if you get hard cud he see it thruw my boxer I sed ok 10 mins in the film my penis is hard I'm 6" so I
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