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  1. Really?  You never heard any small penis jokes?  Re:  Dad's penis.

    1. CuriousNow


      Honestly?  No, not that I can recall.  There was, however, ONE incident I do remember when I was in school in England.  I've posted about it in the forum somewhere, I'm sure.

      I believe that, although I would say that it was sexual harassment, I do not believe it was initiated due to the boy's small genitals (were were all 12 - 13 so it's not like any of us were packing anything serious, but he had one of, if not the, smallest little-boy package of all of us).  The boy had been hiding in the hedgerow by the rugby pitch to try to stay out of the rain - plus he was not particularly athletic and, stature-wise, he was the smallest in out class.  Anyway, some of the bigger boys found him and drug him out and pinned him on his back on the wet grass in the rain.  This didn't bother me - figured that was part of growing up.  But THEN the boy who was sitting on his legs (two others were pinning his wrists over his head and his ankles at the other extreme) yanked down his short.  Most of the boys wore "tighty-whities" underneath, a few of us wore jockstraps, but little Davey had nothing on under his shorts - so now he was stretched out, pinned to the wet ground in the rain, with his pants pulled down and his package exposed.  Standing off with the rest of the class, I didn't like this much, but the British boys were MUCH more open about sexual stuff and commenting on each other and so on.  I figured this was just a Brit Boy thing - cultural, nothing I should be involved in.  I started to walk away when the boy on Davey's legs started slapping Davey's penis.  Not hard, more more like just almost playing with it, but not in a nice way.  What I mean is it didn't seem like it was meant to pleasure Davey, but rather to embarrass him thoroughly - which I believe it did.  I REALLY thought this was wrong, but none of the British boys seems to be upset by this scene. I turned and walked away.

      In retrospect I SHOULD have done or said something, but I was still fairly new to the county, the culture and the school and felt like walking away was best.  But, no, it wasn't.

      So, other than that, I honestly don't remember any sort of "mine's bigger than yours" conversations or anything like that.  Maybe I just wasn't paying very close attention.  Back in those years, I was just totally disinterested in naked boys so didn't really "engage" much in the locker rooms (and certainly not at all in the showers)!

  2. Well, no brothers-in-law to contend with. As for my wife's parents, we've never seen each other naked and I suspect we never will. But, I'm fairly certain that I'm bigger (well, bigger than my mother-in-law's clitoris, I'm sure).
  3. As for me - a Number 1 Helmet. I will have to find my wife's measuring tape for specifics. Interesting topic - thanks!
  4. Hmm... I "polished" mine a LOT as a boy. Don't remember it looking polished. But now I have a goal! Thanks.
  5. Well, the thread's kind of moved on beyond this comment, but I just had to say that I just never sensed any hierarchy or "competition" in the world of genitalia. Sure there were those smaller than I, but not too many, and some bigger, but most of us (I'm thinking about my junior high and high school days) were actually quite similar in size. So that may be why I never noticed it. Is it all perception, perhaps, and perceived primarily by those at the extremes of the penis size? And on the issue of black penises - interesting point about the concept of large black penises being a myth us
  6. You mentioned the Y and the male-only nude swimming. That was before my time, as far as I can tell. But I can SURE see the value in that now. But, I guess the high school locker room was the only option for showing me other naked males between the little boy years and the grown up years. I wonder if my dad took my brother there, too. As for your thought about the function of clothes - I tend to agree! Clothes have long been used to convey the pecking order - for example, only Royals could wear purple, right? And, certainly, clothes DO hide the physical differences in people so that'
  7. Hmmm.... well that's very cool! I did see a professional (well, very good hobbyist, I guess) photo of my mother nude. I was about 14 at the time. When I found it, I remembered friends of my parents from our last home. They had a sauna which was unusual at that time in the US (still is, I'd say). One time when we were over at their house (they had two sons just about the same age as my brother and I) the adults invited the four boys to join them in the sauna if we wanted to try it. I was a bit curious. But then they told us everyone in there has to be nude. And at age 12, I was almost c
  8. From @Red Scott: "When exposed to certain things at an age where we can be the most influenced things can have a lasting effect that can stay in some cases for life." I agree totally! I've mentioned two things from my youth that really stuck with me and affected my life as an adult. The first was being forced to go naked at home by my older brother. Although I hated it initially, I eventually realized I enjoyed being naked at home other than in my bedroom or the bathroom. And, to this day, I am most comfortable at home when I'm naked. The second was just three years later w
  9. Ha - well, that's interesting! Would you care to tell us how you came to have such a photograph?
  10. LMAO. Thinking back, I'm not sure how much I looked at my penis when I showered back then... but I sure DO remember TOUCHING it just about every time I showered back then! Well, I mean at home, not at school - HA!
  11. Same for me. Every time I saw my dad's (ages 7ish to about 12), it always seemed so huge to me. But now, thinking back, I don't think he was anything more than a bit above average. But, I'm confident I never got as big as he was, flaccid, even at my peak. Never saw him hard so don't know if he was a shower or a grower. First quote - Interesting. Although most comparisons between boys and dads address size, Jstump asks about shape and hair. I honestly never thought about those aspects. My dad's was just proportionally much thicker than mine (again, flaccid is all I ever saw). Bu
  12. Dear 10point16centimeterpianist, I'm extremely ambivalent about this issue. Thanks for asking.
  13. Well... unless you have an exhibitionist streak...
  14. @TinyJock OK, I get it. Kind of thought you were meaning something like that. But, yeah, I can see it. Thanks!
  15. I don't know if either of them had seen an erection before. I suspect my GF hadn't yet (she was only 15 and a good Catholic girl and this was many years ago - before 13 year old girls were sexting nude photos of themselves, and 14 year olds were regularly enjoying oral sex). Not sure about my friend's GF. I believe my buddy was a bit more "sexually insistent" (a term I just devised) than I was, so she may have seen his. When I got up and headed for the pool, I never heard them say what they said so they may have hesitated a moment in shock and/or may have whispered the words to each other
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