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  1. Your brain. You need a different mindset - and hapyy with what you have - a fully functional, pleasure giver penis.
  2. I know what you feel now. I have almost the exact same size like you have. And I feel constantly small - because I could see only large ones around me (mostly in porn) You are above average - thats what I hear all the time. So this is the truth I guess. But I feel much smaller than average like you do. I guess this is a small-penis syndrome, what we have. Just relax your mind and let the anxiety goes away, like I do. When you have sex - it is a great pleasure what caused by your manhood. Dont forget that. Your brain is your main sex-organ.
  3. I think all men in the world would say yes for this question. But nowadays I would change the extra inches to a rockhard erection. I want that more than the length. Im getting older, huh?
  4. I'm always missing the mistaken put up dickpicks in this site shame on me. Anyway. I've turned 48 lately and I've noticed a bit of shrinkage. But since my wife is not having sex with me - it is natural. If you use your penis less frquently in a vagina/ass it could shrink. And my erection is not that firm as it used to be - it could makes my dick look smaller.
  5. Lucky you. I wish I could have a round one sometimes . (lack of partner) Anyways - I agree with you. Ageing sucks indeed. I have noticed that when I cum it feels like not all of the juices come out. Its like something is holding back the fluids. And it feels less good,. I ejaculate less...and not shooting at all . Just dribbing. My recovery time is not changed tough. I was always a fast recoverer. (It is harder to get hard at start - thats teh result of aging for me)
  6. Flaccid is soooo variable - depending on so many things . Especially if you are a grower. Check my stats. See? My flaccids
  7. @Triasco9.5 I agree with you with this. And I can add fatpad to the list. I've noticed that my fatpad makes my already tiny bulge dissapear. Its a sad thing cause I have a very thick fatpad. Even if Im not obese my fatpad is more than 2 inches thick ... Belive me I hate this.
  8. @AertySean Tail used in Hungary too . Farok is the word for that. And its not degradeing.
  9. So many words are used in hungary for the penis . Let me show you: pöcs, hímvessző, hímtag, fütyülő, fütyi, kukac, bájdorong, hancúrléc, fallosz, lingam, kuki, fütykös, himbilimbi, pucu, pöcörő, puca, férfi nemiszerv, bögyörő, cerka, nemi végtag, nyeles aszpirin, bőrös virsli, szerszám, biga, örömrúd, férfiasság, tök, minibicska, pömpölő, dárda, hancúrvessző, pisilő, gyík... And these are just some what cames to my mind
  10. guys ,,,my testicles are 1 inch long and half inch wide ...I have olives in my sack. Anyone knows how to make them bigger? Ive tried kicking but it get worst (jokein)
  11. @meerkatbob Well good to hear that you have found the solution which works for you. Sadly pumping is not my solution. I have very bad vein system at my abdomen - so I MUST not use any kind of pump. BTW I could use 3 more centimeters - but well I have no luck with that. Mainly I need to find someone who appreciates me and my penis - then I could worry about the size . I belive the testosterone therapy will help me to gain back some of my old measurments.
  12. I've rather experienced quite the opposit. I had almost have 6.7 inches long erect penis. But I've measured 6.3 today. But I have low testosterone now and my erections are not so strong and firm as used to be. Maybe that's the answer - or I've just got old. Anyways - congrats o you for the gained lenght. IT surely could be a very good feeling to know that itis possible.
  13. It was not a funny moment but it was a moment. I was at my urologist because I felt pain in my groin. He was a new and young doctor. As he examined my testicles , he said I have shrinkage in my testicle. I had to prove by words that I had always this small sized testicles. It was really an awkward moment. (BTW he sent me to an ultrasound examination - and my blood test proved that I have low testosterone level - I collapsed hearing the news. )
  14. @Ruly I would not call this guy "friend" And to stay with the topic's question. No I cant drive and pee at the same time. Someone told me to use a Nestea bottle to be sure the pee could go in the right way. But never tried., If I need to pee while Im driving I usually pull my car over and pee at the bushes or at a gas station.
  15. Am I the only one whose flacid size vary? I mean I could measure 1 inch one day and 3,5 on another - it chages, and I've noticed that it doesn't depend on the weather (cold or warm). Most of the time its just as long as it wants to be. I cant control it. So ...my erect length is 6.3 inches - but as I getting oldmy penis started to shrink a bit.
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