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  1. Thanks to my diabetes induced ED, I don’t have to drop my pants. I know it will always appear dead.
  2. I am the younger brother and the smaller of the two. Mostly just glans peaking out. Even after pumping, there is still no hang.
  3. My little guy is always looking down. In order get him to look up, I have to force him into a cylinder, remove the air, and when he isn’t looking down any more, I sneak a tight band around his base which forces him to look up for as long as he can comfortably avoid being revived with fresh blood.
  4. My fat pad is approximately one inch thick so my BPEL is approximately one inch longer than my NBPEL. When I have sex, I believe I push in my fat pad such that my wife gets to enjoy about 1/2 inch longer than my NBPEL. When I use my VED and slide a tension band onto the base of my pumped erection, I am able to use about 3/4 of the difference for sex.
  5. I haven’t cum in over three months, erect or flaccid. Diabetic induced ED. Hate those genes.
  6. I always have desire but, unfortunately, I need to use a VED to get my dick to feel the same way. Until recently, my post menapausal wife was willing to cooperate until about a month ago. Now she seems to be suffering with some sort of condition that is causing burning vaginal pain. I believe it is real and not an excuses. I am tempted to slather my pumped erection with cocobutter lotion, which is reportedly a remedy for vaginal infections, and tell her it Is for medicinal purposes.
  7. I always perceived my dick to be small at 5.5 x 4.4 erect. About ten years ago, I started on a penis enhancement program and increased my size to 6.2 x 5.5. However, I would still like a bigger dick. Even more, I would also like to be able to generate a natural erection without having to resort to a penis pump and a tight constriction band. Being able to orgasm more often would be desirable. I guess you can’t have everything.
  8. I only had an older brother and as far as I recall from my teenage years his dick was larger than mine, but not significantly. Today, his dick is older than mine, so I could be bigger. Actually, who cares.
  9. I’m 78 Prior to penis enhancement about ten years ago, I was 5.5” X 4.4” I am Now 6.2” X 5.5”
  10. I usually sleep on my stomach and my dick is never a problem However, I sometimes sleep on my sides and than I always tuck it between my legs. I have read that keeping it stretched between your legs will eventually increase your flaccid length.
  11. I have diabetic induced ED so I would say 100% of my cock is useless under normal conditions. However, thanks to pumping and a tight constriction band, I can use all of it for PIV.
  12. Abiding by shelter in place regulations, I started visiting porn sites which I haven’t done for a number of years. I found that all those guys with 7” plus dicks were interesting but did you affect my self confidence because they were so far out of my reality world. I was more turned on by guys with 5 - 6” dicks.
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