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  1. Guess I am a little old for this, but today for the first time I can remember, I sipped a bit of my own urine. It was not pleasant. My diet is rather bland, but maybe my medications make it taste so bad? Anyway, sitting naked at the computer after some camming, it was sure convenient to use the newly empty coffee cup and take care of business. That was when I decided to have a sip. The 'net seems to say there is no good reason to drink your own urine, and that possibly you introduce bacteria if you do. So I will refrain. But I have to wonder if a bit of sugar wou
  2. I am 'old-school' and have no urge to have a hairless groin. But age has left me with some wild hairs, and I do trim them back a bit, at times. Ted.
  3. Oh don't go. Room for everyone here. Ted.
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