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  1. I just posted some more pics in the gallery Admin. Note: SOS Subscribers can see Scotiboi4's personal album by clicking HERE.
  2. I had access on the old site but not the new one? I posted plenty of pics of my little fella on there.
  3. I'm a bit of a show off and enjoy posting nude pics online. I love peoples reactions when they see my little dick. and I've met and chatted with loads of people after they have seen my pics. However recently a picture I posted on another site gained a comment from someone who claims to be a school friend of mine, which has made me quite self conscious. They haven't said who they are and it makes me wonder a lot. My close friends all know I am small (indeed are probably sick of seeing my dick HAHA) but I went to a big school and haven't stayed in touch with many people over the years. I haven't
  4. just updated this with loads of new pictures. Not all the men have small dicks but quite a lot do, I just post what I think is hot so there is a real mixture. I hope you like. Few new shots of me on there too!
  5. Check my tumblr http://scottiboi30.tumblr.com Not all small cocks but plenty. Including many of my little one
  6. When I get drunk I often take all my clothes off and parade around completely naked. Never in public places but at house parties and at work once. My friends (mainly straight guys) are used to it and have all seen me naked far too many times. A couple of times I've convinced others to join in. (I have plenty of interesting stories) They've always been much bigger than me. Over the years I've received a lot of ribbing about my size. Most of it light hearted. I've let people take pictures (usually regret that one). I do get a range of reactions from people I don't know. From outright mea
  7. I think I'm in love with my best friend. We've only known each other just over a year but have become very close. We've both been single for the year we've known each other and our social lives and work have become intertwined. I've had the odd fantasy about him, nothing very sexual but I really want to see him naked. I dream of scenarios that I could set up but I've never acted on it. He's my friend and I wouldn't want to jeopardize that. He's recently started seeing a girl (a friend of mine, I introduced them). I am insanely jealous. I have very much been dumped and see and talk
  8. Any recommendations for small penis gay porn?
  9. A lot of my friends have seen me naked. When I get drunk I can often be found running around making a fool of myself. One times other join in but I'm always the smallest by far. A couple of people have commented and I have been teased at work for it but all very lightheartedly really. Some pictures were taken one night and shared around and I didn't like that. It's fine with friends it's just a laugh. It's easy on the Internet as well with people you'll never meet to flash your bits and have perv but I don't like chatting to local guys as I may have to meet them through work one day.
  10. i think you'll have to join as some of the content is 'adult'
  11. it just banter really all very light hearted and funny. New people assume its just a laugh really. Its funny I'm the only gay one but quite often when we've been out drinking a few people will end up naked and being silly. here are some of my experiences http://www.experienceproject.com/about/scotiboi
  12. I struggle with confidence when looking for a sexual partner but amongst friends I'm always getting naked after a few drinks. Everyone at work has seen me naked now and i get teased for having such a small dick. Nothing nasty but it's a constant thing. I often get introduced as tiny dick. I've seen everyone else too and I'm the smallest by far.
  13. I had a bit of a cocaine habit/problem/hobby a few years ago and the shrinkage was unbelievable. I have some pictures i took one night off my face to actually show people because it was that bad.
  14. My friends are probably sick of seeing me naked. Im renowned for it whenever I've had a drink or two. Im quite good at convincing them to join in to be fair. I'm by far the smallest especially if I've had a line of coke. There was one occasion when I was filmed masturbating at a party in front of people. It did get shared round a bit at work but its only light hearted jokes usually. I've seen them all naked too and some of them hard.
  15. I'd love a big dick, I'm 1" flaccid and 4" hard, but Im a complete show off. My friends are sick of me getting naked after a few drinks but i have to restrict this behaviour because of my size only a few people know. I get a gentle ribbing but my friends aren't mean. If I had a proper piece of meat between my legs i'd be naked all the time. You've got to share the wealth!
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