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  1. Portland Naked Bike Ride http://pdxwnbr.org/ link speaks for itself, this is some cool stuff.
  2. I might also add that the choking and ass-slapping aren't 100% sincere either. I do it to please my girl, but I would never want to actually demean or harm her. Despite being rough, our sex is all play.
  3. My girlfriend always calls me "daddy" when I ball her hard. At first it was off-putting, but now I don't mind. I was never a dirty-talk person, but my girlfriend is slowly making me comfortable with it, not through intentional effort, but more through repetition and consistency. I'm slowly becoming acclimated. She also usually comments on my dick during and after sex, in both dirty-talk and sincere ways. She always tells me I'm big, which secretly makes me chuckle, because I know I'm pretty average. Our sex is generally rough, and I am dominant. I regularly slap her ass, choke her, treat her r
  4. ...some balls are held for charity, and some for fancy dress, but when they're held for pleasure, they're the balls that I like best! My balls are always bouncing, to the left and to the right. It's my belief that my big balls should be held every night! (vintage akka dakka)
  5. Ha, that is certainly true for me! It's an uphill battle. But can you blame a man for wanting to get off when his woman is hot and wet? I almost always go into sex thinking, "be patient," but then the sights and smells and sounds add up so quickly, and next thing I know all I want to is thrust and grab (grab butt and boob, that is). :crazy: :facelick:
  6. hahaha, "pulsating anal sphincter" --made my day
  7. ...and this is the main reason why I'm so averse to jelqing. Thanks for bringing it up. It bothers me that so many men place so much focus and energy on such an inane task, and abide with such faith by the words of faceless, unqualified individuals who preach their authority within a cloak of internet anonymity. It's silly. There is strength in autonomy.
  8. I personally think jelqing is bullshit. You condition the blood vessels in your dick to become more engorged than usual during erections. Big deal. You can achieve the same results by having lots of sex. I'm biased because jelqing not only didn't work for me, it permanently (but very mildly) damaged my penis. I have permanent scarring that creates a subtle curve in my penis, and I lost maybe a tenth of an inch in girth mid-shaft. If you're a bum who never exercises or has sex, go exercise and have sex--after awhile your dick will appear a little bigger when you have a boner. If y
  9. haha omg, thank you for clarifying that, I had no idea why the letters were separated and I wasn't expecting anyone to explain it to me! :content: I recently discovered Iz, and so far I love his music and his voice. I love his rendition of Over The Rainbow, which is pretty unusual for my tastes, haha. His music is so chill, I'm listening to his album "Facing Future" right now, I'm diggin' it
  10. trouble melts like lemon drops high above the chim-en-ee tops
  11. My opinions don't necessarily reflect the opinions of this site or the site's mission. I'm all for free will, man. If you are genuinely intent on ending your life,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXX, in the states that have legalized physician-assisted death in the US (Washington, Oregon, Montana, Vermont), terminal illness is a necessary prerequisite for this option. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I don't know what to tell you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. I'm a hair shy of 6 inches, I too cum as deep as I can, and my girl also drips quickly. I think it has more to do with ejaculatory volume than penile length.
  13. Leaving your comfort zone in a bathing suit/swimming setting can be hard. I went through the same thing. But as I got older it became evident that I was a tough motherfucker, and I was wild, and people respected me for those qualities. This helped me become a lot more relaxed with myself. Every now and then I feel self-conscious, which is normal. I think if someone were to never feel self-conscious, they'd have some kind of disorder. Just remember that you're a unique, quality human being and that no one can rob you of your dignity, identity, or worth. I didn't mean to get philosophical, haha,
  14. I love swimming. Nothing beats the feeling of the high you get after an ass-kicking practice (as in it was so hard it was like getting your ass kicked). Oh, how I miss it. Don't worry about shrinkage dude. All penises are different, and some fluctuate in size more than others. Speaking of swimming, about 4 years ago in college, I was at a meet at my school. I had just finished the 200 fly and was taking it easy in the warm-down pool. After some laps I hopped out, adjusted my junk (my hand was always down my pants whenever I had a speedo on, our competition suits were pretty tight), felt satisf
  15. Haha Rick! I seem to struggle to find balance between extremes in many aspects of my life, I'm glad you offer me guidance :content:
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