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    I love Mountain biking and cycling in general, I'm a skilled artist and love drawing and sketching of two subject types, sci-fi and human anatomy. I love listening to dance/house music and enjoy the production of this music too using software and electronic instruments. I have a number of completed dance tracks which friends and family say I should do something with! I have a genuine interest in the human forme, particularly that of males, I'm fascinated by the wide range of differing sizes and shapes of the penis. As a skilled artist I like to draw them in high detail too. I like to study using the net, topics on male sexual health be it physical or psychological and also human anatomy and biology.

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    3 inches to 3 1/2 inches
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    5 1/2 inches to 6 inches
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    4 1/2 inches to 5 inches
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  1. hey how have you been doing

  2. Getting an accurate stretched measurement can be difficult. I can't stretch my own to it's usual erect length but my urologist stretched it beyond my usual erect length. When I enquired with him as to why this is. He explained that the correct technique needs to be used and when it is done correctly this will be your maximum erect length, so it is usually a little longer than a normal erection. This certainly rings true with me as occasionally I do get what I term "super-erections" where it becomes not far off a half inch longer than normal and thicker/fuller than usual. I've mentioned this b
  3. @Brennick89 There's special skin cells in the shaft of the penis and the scrotum that react to variances in temperature, this reaction is retraction when cold and relaxed when warm. This regulates the temperature of the testicles to a few degrees less than that of the body's internal temperature to optimise sperm fertility, and in the case of the penis, pulls it closer to the body to protect it from cold temperatures or injury, the injury aspect being a response by the body from the affects of an adrenaline release (fight or flight response) Those cells will induce a greater retraction on
  4. @dtw1942 a 7" tall guy (which is much less than one foot tall) with a 6.6" dick?? Jeez, he'd have to drag the thing around!
  5. When your intention is to procreate, it is recommended that you wear loose fitting underwear such as boxer shorts. That way your body (in particular, your scrotum) will be able to hang the testicles in the best position for optimum fertility. That position in normal air temperatures is slightly away from the body.
  6. Yes my friend, yes you did! They will also, no doubt, make you look a bit of a.... um... clown!
  7. It's a total myth and any self respecting woman will also have realised throughout her adult years that the two measurements rarely have any correlation with each other! Where it does become apparent that a guy with big feet also has a large endowment it's purely coincidental and down to genetics and genetics alone.
  8. I'm so embarrassed by my error in posting this picture! I will be more careful in the future! Especially whilst wearing cycling shorts!!
  9. When it comes to Hollywood it's hard to tell what's real and what isn't! I remember when Saving Private Ryan was released on DVD, in the opening scene there's soldiers losing limbs, heads and all sorts. So I thought if I played those parts in slow motion the CGI and other special effects would become obvious, they did not! If they can do that with actors being blown apart they can make a prosthetic penis look very, very real!
  10. You're welcome sir! I doubt you'll be in trouble. You'll probably be reminded of the rule and the pictures moved by admin!
  11. @Storm11 Too many straight guys (or at least, those who claim to be straight) won't say what they're actually thinking with regards to other guys. Sometimes it's out of fear of being possibly labelled gay and sometimes it's out of fear of their own sexuality!
  12. @Storm11 very nice! I'd give it some attention! You'll probably find the image quickly gets moved though! It's in violation of the rules regarding photos in the main forums.
  13. @goldenboy The purpose of the study in question was to gain insight into a worldwide average penis size. Thus a group of the most reliable studies from around the world were combined to get this information. I think they were successful in what they set out to do as they now have that average size, a "worldwide average" Not an American average, not a European average nor any other continental average for that matter. We can argue amongst ourselves as to whether its right or wrong all we want, but in all honesty its the best information we have to date. So until some group of medical profe
  14. @Triasco9.5 It's quite remarkable how painless it is having a needle in the shaft of the penis! A tattoo is, after all, a needle rapidly moving in and out, so I don't disbelieve you at all. I personally find having a tattoo more irritating than painful, like a constant scratching. I think a tattoo on the glans would be a very, very different story though!
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