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  1. Yes, had a few ex GF's and wife measure when the topic came up and they asked for specifics i just had them measure since everyone has a different technique.
  2. little confused by the question. can you clarify if you mean how many women cited size as a factor in a breakup? i mean how would you be with them if they rejected you from sex the first time?
  3. This is pretty Garden variety slut shaming really and another in a long line of shameful messages in the bible.
  4. Have you ever been rejected cause of your size? I really dont think it has ever been a primary cause of a relationship not working out. I do know that exes have discussed it with thier friends and usually a woman will assure a small guy that size doesnt matter early in a relationship but often in long term relationships most eventually admitted some occasional frustration. That was usually around ovulation time and some women get a kind of primal thing going at times. It is almost never enough to cause a breakup but frustration could lead to toxic and unhealthy arguments that are usually t
  5. Women can sense when you are thinking about baseball to try to last longer. they wont enjoy it if we aren't enjoying it. The only advice i have is make it all about them and not you, you'll wind up focused on thier pleasure and less in your own head thinking about trying to keep from cumming. I'm not sure prostitutes want you to last a long time though, you're probably doing them a favor in being quick.
  6. Still no standardized method of measurement. This study of studies is probably the best data we have so far but it is far from scientifically proven or even statistically sound.
  7. We really need to stop asking women for thier opinions or perspectives and then not being able to handle the truth. Never ask a question you arent prepared to hear the answer to. I find that avg to slightly larger than avg guys have the hardest time dealing with the fact that there are, in fact, larger penises in the world. smaller guys tend to have accepted that and learned to deal with being on the left side of the bell curve.
  8. have previous lovers complimented it also? i mean is she the exception or does she continue a pattern?
  9. imagination is key both positively and negatively. its actually a double edged sword in some ways. Being an imaginative and creative lover leads to really keeping things interesting with a partner and for our partners. It really tends to overcome at least temporarily any physical incompatibility that might exist, or at least any kind of limitations around certain positions or depths. for the most part, women arent looking for porno jackhammer sex in a relationship. however, the other edge of that sword is, a man who thinks about creative ways to have sex will ultimately obs
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