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  1. It seems we did the same Discovery @blueridgedad Up here's what I wrote about that company on another Subject Post. I wish I could afford buying a Customized one to use it every now and then and at least for one day (somewhat) experience what it Feels like to be well endowed (by now I could only purchase it, if I'd win the Lotto first! haha)
  2. I noticed I started growing pubes a month before I turned 12 yo. After that I realized that my Penis started to grow as well. By that time I didn't have any idea of what was considered Big, Average or Small, so never crossed my mind which was going to be my final size. Everything seemed to go in normal ways. When I turned 13 yo I already had a super Bush and my Balls almost fully covered in Hair. I realized it wasn't going any farther at about 15/16 yo, I guess it was when everything stopped growing down there. And when I asked my Doctor he said I shouldn't worry at all because I had a normal
  3. You're welcome Pal! Yeah, that was the only time that I actually could SEE IT, I mean properly. By that time I only had had glimpses of Balls when he wore Short Shorts or when I caught him changing (and he yelled at me because I didn't knock the door) I never expected I would find him like that, so I must've spent at least some good 5 minutes looking at it from all angles while he snorted. I didn't touch it, or anything, I wasn't with a hard on either, I was somehow shocked for the unexpected sight and fascinated as well. I still have the picture on my mind up to these days. If I do the menta
  4. Was that the only time you saw his Penis? Did he say anything? (my Dad probably would have been mad at me) The only opportunity I had of seeing his was when I caught him sleeping and his entire Ball Sack and Dick were out from his Boxers Leg. It looked huge to me back then as well and although I cannot compare our Sizes I'm pretty sure his IS Bigger than mine even now that I'm not a kid anymore
  5. I forgot to mention that my Dad is Pope Francis, probably that's why Nudity was considered a Sin back at my Home! LOL Seriously speaking I'm somewhat surprised they didn't forbid me that I looked my own Penis when I'd took Showers everyday!
  6. I wish I had Bouncing Balls but mine remain mostly shrunk and tight to my Body during the day, either with cold or hot weather. During sex, when I'm horny, the Balls Sack grows a little. And if I try a hot hot Shower it peeks at its maximum size, (not that much tho) so when I, for instance, walk toward my Room naked, my balls don't bounce along. I was seriously considering using a Ball Stretcher (a Metallic heavy one or the other shown on another Thread) but I guess it'll be a waste of money because the Device is not going to have much "Ball Flesh" available to get a proper hold, so although
  7. Lucky you! Apart from seeing your Old Man naked and share the Showers with him, He did allow you to watch other Boys Naked? I'm Jealous! Mine would probably had told "Don't come inside the Locker Room because there are People changing, you must respect their Privacy!" or "if you go inside to use the Bathroom, don't stare at anyone, just walk to do your business and keep Your eyes on the Floor or in the wall !" Part of those Commands still Remain somewhere on my Mind, that's why I still turn my head to avoid seeing naked people when I'm in a locker room just passing by (not after Playing S
  8. Oh, really? Here our Parent's Cousins are considered our Uncles. Nevermind, I guess it must've been very embarrassing for him!
  9. LOL. Yep, everytime I Read this Topic Headline comes to my Mind like a Picture his Hairy Balls and Dick popping out from his Boxers Leg while sleeping the day I caught him like that!
  10. Thank You for your Reply. Yes, let's say that I'm not thinking about going Naked to the Supermarket (which I surely would do if I was really well Endowed, LOL!) but I'm Fine if somebody sees. It also depends on the context (it's easier to be Nude in front of Perfect Strangers than with People you already know, like Co Workers for instance) but I'm doing pretty good anyway. I don't parade in front of them but I don't hide either. Regarding that Examination, yes I was totally shocked when it happened. By that time I had had a similar experience at Primary School, during 6th Grade (11 yo) a
  11. My Family was too Prudish as well, like yours and @6INCHES66 so I (only child) and my Cousins we were Raised in that Context (which I'm now Regret of and somewhat hate) I was not allowed to see any Adult Relative when He /She was changing Clothes because it meant a Lack of Respect towards them, so forget about seeing them naked! It would have been considered like A Sin! That made me an extremely Shy boy as well, meaning I felt mortified if somebody looked at me in Undies or Naked, Regardless of the Gender (there was no "C'mon, it's all guys here!" for me, I felt embarrassed just the same) so I
  12. Lol.. It must have felt Odd being examined by your friend's Dad, the one you met every time you visited your friend! Was it his first time seeing you naked? Did you shrink by the embarrassment or you took it as no big deal? If I was you I'd have been mortified and shriveled !
  13. I only saw it on that Company Vids, plus others videos mostly from Transgender users who Bought them, they show it detached from their bodies of course, and according to their Testimonials they do "fool" people when it's shown. Besides, they showed them in detail peeling the Foreskin, pulling the skin, showing the Veins, they look extremely realistic (at least on video) and they say it gets warm because of the Body Temperature. I guess they must use a very strong Adhesive to keep it from detaching or falling, specially when they Pee inside. If I had one, of course I wouldn't be showing o
  14. There's Several Sample Videos on YouTube (not sure if I can post them here so I won't) from a Company that makes Very Realistic Prosthetic Penises and Balls, some Models with Pubic Hairs, they're mostly meant to stick to the Body using a Special Adhesive in Female to Male Trans. There's a few Hollow Models that can be used to Pee while standing, flopping the Penis out of the Pants like us Guys do. They're also available to be Customized (you choose Skin Color, Cut or Uncut, its Size, Hairy or Bald, Balls hanging lower or tight etc) I must confess I thought about requesting a Hollow one to be u
  15. Oops! I didn't check the Date, never thought it would be that old! Hahaha Yes it could be one of the reasons why Big Dicked Guys join this Site, other could be to be supportive toward us, and if some of them are a bit Mean, they join to let us know or show what we'll never have (there's an Old Saying here "Don't count Money in front of Poor People" and that could be the same if they slap their many Extra Inches on our Faces! LOL) but let's think positive, they're mostly doing it for us (?) Haha.. Everyone is welcome here..
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