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  1. A possible position is you standing while she is on her back at the edge of the bed, you may have to support her using her legs. Like Triasco I'm not a huge oral sex fan, it's fine as foreplay though. Regarding plastic toys, I had a partner who did not enjoy toys inserted in her vagina and complained it felt foreign so just beware.
  2. Perhaps he was speaking of guys larger than himself the 8 inches and larger. Personally I think it's an individual trait and can't be pinned on a person of any specific size or range or other statistic.
  3. Man With 3-Foot Penis and 11-Pound Testicles Finally Gets Life-Changing Surgery 20-year-old Horace Owiti Opiyo can run and play sports again By Stacey Leasca Oct 26, 2017 Here's a link to the article on the Men's Health web site. https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19540080/man-three-foot-penis-eleven-pound-testicles-tlc-body-bizarre/
  4. @Nillywilly P-shot and gainswave are expensive and require continued treatments to sustain the benefits of the treatment, though not very frequently as they do have long term effects. I personally prefer penis enlargement routines though it can be tedious and time consuming.
  5. All the surgical techniques for girth and length, I haven't seen anything that is worth the risk and cost. Implants and fillers under the thin skin of the penis is asking for trouble, cutting support ligaments risk retraction and loss of length. There are other complications that can occur with disastrous results.
  6. You would need to incorporate other PE activities besides pumping to get significant gains.
  7. It's difficult to predict what some people will say in response to another person's complaint. Some don't want to hear any complaints or mentions of personal limitations and weaknesses; they will stop it with something of a verbal attack to halt further talk. They are there to have fun and escape from the daily grind, they don't need reminders that they have their own issues which they are briefly leaving behind.
  8. I've found several studies that indicate there is some correlation between fertility and the size of the testicles. There appears to be an optimal size range and usually being above or below that range reduces your fertility compared to optimal size/fertility range.; in other words in human males bigger does not equate to more fertile.
  9. I believe the video chat server needs to be rebooted/reset the phantom users are beginning to pile up!

  10. Small feet 7 1/2; thought I would attach this chart for fun.
  11. I haven't heard of an enhancement procedure yet that I find appealing; it would take a lot for me to consider any surgical procedure for enhancement. I do understand the anxieties of these men but I can not even imagine taking those measures. I'm always amazed at how casual people are about undergoing unnecessary surgery now a days for near instant gratification.
  12. I've suffered with body dysmorphia since I was young; it was natural to shift to the penis as I entered puberty. Long story short I started to use penis pumps with little permanent results as an adult and finally started using an extender to stretch over last 10 years. The odd thing about dysmorphia is that you still can't get past the effects no matter how big you get. I've managed to get control over the condition but find it still sneaks in every once in a while. Though I was originally well within the average range I became obsessed with getting bigger and bigger. My heart goes out to tho
  13. There isn't a guarantee that any size big, average or small will give a woman an orgasm from vaginal sex. You have to be versatile enough (oral, manual and so on) to work with what you have and the individuality of your partner to please both of you. Changing up also adds a little variety for each session and makes things exciting.
  14. Hi aquarock, I've not read the book but I have heard of it. I know that asian88 has some experience with kegel during sex etc. I think that it is the best route for developing some discipline over premature ejaculation and attaining multi orgasmic sex. One of the other forums I visit they appear to be promoting it for the same issues. Good luck PFM
  15. Before I started enlarging I was around 5.5 and still managed to hit the fornix with some women.
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