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  1. CuriousNow - It bothers me, too. I understand men are competitive; just wish we didn't compete against each other...down there. I wish we could be supportive instead.
  2. I had my first orgasm around age 12-13 - I was in the bathtub and the faucet ran water over my penis. I got an erection, but didn't know what to do with it, but it felt good, so I let it continue...and then I tensed and shot my semen into the water. I did it again that way a few more times over the next couple days until I discovered that I could do it just by touching/rubbing it. No one ever taught me anything about sex/masturbation. Masturbation is, and has been, my only sex life (except for one instance when I was a kid). In my 20s, I jacked off around 2-3x/week on average. After I disc
  3. Thank you again, guys, for your input. Lots of ideas for me to consider. I appreciate your time.
  4. I think I should explain that I wouldn't do this while driving. I would pull over, of course. I agree that it would be dangerous and probably illegal to do while driving. Finding a private place to pull over and stand up outside the car would also be very difficult. Thank you all for your replies. Guess I just have to continue timing my route so I'm at a place with a bathroom when I know I'll need to urinate. CA
  5. The only reason I ask is because I'm a delivery driver, and sometimes I have to urinate and there aren't any bathrooms nearby. I've brought bottles/jugs/etc. with me in my car, but my penis is too short to stretch out of my zipper and into a container. Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'd appreciate it. Thanks, CraveAcceptance
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