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  1. Hey - it's me from the chat yesterday.  Sorry I had to bail so quickly.  And I was unable to get back here to follow you until now.  So... I've requested the follow.  If you accept, we can message privately about what we discussed in the chat.  Love to be able to help.


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    2. Guest


      Yesterday, maybe after you left the chat, Crave worked up the courage and had a huge moment on cam. He showed us his wonderful penis. I thought it was a very nice size, big enough to be very attractive. Years of fear and self doubt still has him thinking it is inadequate, that its not big enough. But everyone in the chat agreed it was very nice.

      AS it was his 1st time, he only stayed on for a  minute. I hope next time he stays on longer and gets his thing nice and hard for us. I suspect he might be a pretty good grower!

    3. CuriousNow


      I just got a PM from him.  He told me he'd cammed - twice!  LOL, that's when I understood your comment!  Anyway, as I said to him, that was a huge step so I think it's all very cool.  Hope we'll "see" more of him soon!

      (Hmmm.... it's like we're talking about him like he's not in the room but he's standing right behind us!)

    4. CraveAcceptance


      (Crave taps on CuriousNow's shoulder from behind.) Boo. :lol:

  2. CuriousNow - It bothers me, too. I understand men are competitive; just wish we didn't compete against each other...down there. I wish we could be supportive instead.
  3. I had my first orgasm around age 12-13 - I was in the bathtub and the faucet ran water over my penis. I got an erection, but didn't know what to do with it, but it felt good, so I let it continue...and then I tensed and shot my semen into the water. I did it again that way a few more times over the next couple days until I discovered that I could do it just by touching/rubbing it. No one ever taught me anything about sex/masturbation. Masturbation is, and has been, my only sex life (except for one instance when I was a kid). In my 20s, I jacked off around 2-3x/week on average. After I disc
  4. Thank you again, guys, for your input. Lots of ideas for me to consider. I appreciate your time.
  5. I think I should explain that I wouldn't do this while driving. I would pull over, of course. I agree that it would be dangerous and probably illegal to do while driving. Finding a private place to pull over and stand up outside the car would also be very difficult. Thank you all for your replies. Guess I just have to continue timing my route so I'm at a place with a bathroom when I know I'll need to urinate. CA
  6. The only reason I ask is because I'm a delivery driver, and sometimes I have to urinate and there aren't any bathrooms nearby. I've brought bottles/jugs/etc. with me in my car, but my penis is too short to stretch out of my zipper and into a container. Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'd appreciate it. Thanks, CraveAcceptance
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