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  1. Yep...the design is brilliant. My wife says it makes me look bigger too since my cock and balls aren't all mashed together. My only issue with them is that I am so small when flaccid that my dick often backs it way out of the hole.
  2. And science shows that humans are getting bigger overall. My dad was 6'1" and played center on his college basketball team. He was considered tall back in the 50's. My brother and I are both 6'5".
  3. This is true! I have been with several women who I told up front that my cock was small. Some laughed and made fun of it (which admittedly I enjoyed) then when we had sex proceeded to cum like crazy. I would say, "Looks like my little dick got the job done". What some fail to realize is the g-spot is only a couple inches inside the vagina and of course the clit is external. So if you grind on the clit as the head of you cock works the g-spot, the woman will be pretty happy even though you have a small cock. I've been with several women who were size queens and several who prefe
  4. It is amazing how big young boys are these days. I go to a local family nudist campground and most of the prepubescent boys are bigger limp than I am. I don't see them hard, so don't know how big they get, but several are bigger limp than I am hard.
  5. I'm wearing my Separatec undies now. I love them. Very comfortable and very easy to find my little penis to pee.
  6. I used to be the same way. I lived in fear that someone would discover I had a small penis. It was so bad I changed high schools when the guys in the locker room told everyone in school I was hung like a squirrel. I did finally get a HS girlfriend and we dated for 5 years. After we broke up I didn't date for over a year and didn't have sex either because I was embarrassed by my small cock. I finally met a woman and got married and it took her 10 years before she confessed that my cock was too small. I had a FWB who was the first person to give me SPH. It turned me on so much that I've cra
  7. Yes! I get that all the time. People are truly trying to make you feel better about having a small dick, but I actually enjoy my little penis. I don't want to be told "it's not small".
  8. I. love showing how small I am. It's such a rush to know people are probably giggling and talking about the big hulking man with the boy sized dick.
  9. Reminds me of when I was 13yo and I had a date with this girl I had a crush on. I put some socks in my underwear and went to meet her at the skating rink. The socks ended up working their way down my pants leg and on to the floor. I was mortified. She was so nice and pulled out a bunch of toilet paper from her bra. She never got big tits and I never got a big dick. We still see each other every now and then and joke about that day. She is always quick to remind me that everyone can see she has small tits but no one can tell I have a small dick. Even after two kids her boobs stayed small.
  10. Me too! I'm 6'5" and 220lb and when I show off my tiny little dick it's always fun to see the reactions. It's funny when people try to make you feel better by saying "size doesn't matter".
  11. Similar situation happened to me. I was 17yo and the neighbor kid across the street was 12yo. We jerked off together one day and he was much bigger than me and he didn't even have pubes yet.
  12. Same here. Most of those wrestlers were bigger limp than I am hard. Also, it's difficult to determine cock size from a limp dick. Mine more than doubles in size from fully limp (about 2") to fully hard (4.75"). Some men don't grow much when hard. I have a friend who has a big swinging limp dick and when he gets hard it just gets stiff, it hardly grows at all. He is about 7" full hard. I would guess he's 6" limp. One thing is for sure, it won't get smaller when it's hard, so a guy with a big limp dick will have a big hard dick.
  13. I love my cock ring: https://i.imgur.com/oPdDvp6.jpg The metal ones, properly fitted, can be worn all day comfortably but keep you nice and hard when you get an erection.
  14. I did indeed. We did do the DP but her BF got all homophobic about our balls touching and he went limp, so we just too turns fucking her pussy. He came first and I took sloppy seconds. Then I ate the cream pie, that grossed him out.
  15. Yes! That's one of the best things about being small. I had a female friend who wanted a DP. She called me and asked me if I'd fuck her ass w while her BF fucked her pussy. She told me I was the only guy she knew with a dick small enough for her ass. lol!
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