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  1. Since accepting and no longer being embarrassed by my below average 4.75" penis I show it off every chance I get. I proudly admit I have a small penis. The problem isn't the "media" it's that men lie about their sizes and pass off pics of big cocks as their own. I know, I did it for years. Sites like this and other are normalizing small penises. When I was young, 6" was considered average, now it's 5". All you out the with small penises (you know who you are), stop hiding them. Stop being embarrassed. Stop lying about your size. There are FAR more of us than there are porn cocks.
  2. Very true. I read a study years ago that found nearly all men surveyed had participated in a same sex experience.
  3. I am very open about my kinks and fetishes and that I have a small penis so most of my friends know already. I always show face when I cam, so providing age verification was not a big deal to me. No different than providing it to the clerk at the liquor store, making a firearm purchase, registering to vote, etc. I love camming and showing off my little dick.
  4. Same thing happened to me. No warning or anything. I have no idea what I did to get booted. I think it was because I was giving out my Skype handle to people.
  5. I love broadcasting on Chaturbate. I am Smallcockbator
  6. My very first threesome was due to me having a small cock. A former fuck buddy of mine wanted a DP. She called and asked me if I would like to fuck her ass while her BF fucked her pussy. She told me, "You are the only person I know small enough to not hurt me who will do it".
  7. Sounds very familiar. I am very tiny when flaccid.
  8. I was an early bloomer and ended early too. how old were you when you first notice that you were growing? 10yo how big were you? 3.5" How old are you now? 49 How big are you now? 4.75"
  9. We had a guy in our troop we started calling the "Short Tailed Monkey". He was the shortest little runt in the troop, but his limp cock hung down half way to his knee. He had the biggest cock of all of us...much bigger limp that mine was hard. It's always the shot guys who surprise you. lol!
  10. Watched the movie "Hall Pass" again. Love the scene with the big black cock and the tiny white guy.
  11. I would love to be able to advertise my small penis to everyone. I was going to get a tattoo on my wrist that says 4.75" but my wife said absolutely not. I wish there was an international symbol for a small cock that I could display somehow. I love showing off my little dick.
  12. I went to Scout camp when I was probably 12 or 13 and on the second day the scoutmaster told us we HAD to take showers every day because he wasn't going to have stinky BO in his camp. He took us to the showers which were big open gang showers, made us all get naked, and told us "Have a good look. You guys are all growing and changing and some have developed more than others...but you all have the same equipment. Now that you've all gotten a good look...go take a shower...use soap...wash all your parts." I remember being super embarrassed, but once everyone was naked and we all looked....it was fine the rest of the week.
  13. If you'd have asked me this 20 years ago I'd have said I wanted a fat 8" long cock. But since learning to love my small penis and learning that many people actually like small penises...I'd probably want a smaller one. 4" maybe. But I do enjoy my girth, so I'd leave that as is.
  14. Mine stopped growing around 13. I truly have a boy sized cock.
  15. I love urinals with no divider. I always try to show mine off. I was in a bar once and the urinals were super close together. So close your elbows touched. A drunk came came in to piss, saw my dick and said, "look at this" then proceeded to remove one of the biggest limp cocks out of his jeans I'd ever seen. I stood there and watched him piss.
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