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  1. Years ago I would have said I wanted 7" hard and to be a shower...no less than 6" limp. But since getting into SPH and being a beta I love my tiny dick. I would like it to be even smaller. I'd love a micro penis. 2.5" hard. The laughs and stares it would get would make me super horny.
  2. Before accepting and enjoying my small cock, I used to stuff a sock down there. I remember my mom saying something about Tom Jones putting a pair of socks in his pants so I tried it.
  3. Me too. I used to change at the YMCA and there was often some younger boys changing. They were often much bigger than me limp.
  4. Cock size is more than just length. One of the biggest cocks I've ever seen was only 6" long but as thick as a soda can. The head can make a difference too. A big fat head makes a cock feel a lot bigger than a little head regardless of the length.
  5. I hated my small penis up until I was in my 30's and finally came to accept it. Now I love having a little dick and love showing it off. It's a great feeling when you finally stop being embarrassed and ashamed of something you have no control over. I am now proud to tell everyone I have a small cock.
  6. For years I lied about my penis size because as a 6'5" big man, my penis doesn't match the rest of my body. I have big feet, big hands, long legs and arms....huge everywhere except my 5" penis. I read all the studies about size and I know I'm only slightly below average but on my big body my small penis looks even smaller. Then I met a fuck buddy online and when we met up for the first time we had incredible sex. She was amazing. We continued to meet fairly regularly and she was always very insistent I give her oral and get her off multiple times with my tongue. One day she tells me, "You
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