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  1. After seeing Howard Stern's small penis contest, I have always wanted to be in one. It would be fun being around other small guys. I wish there were these contests that I can join. I heard there was one in Brooklyn. Has anyone else ever wanted to be in a small penis contest as well?
  2. I was diagnosed as having a micropenis. My penis is very little and thin. I used to be ashamed of it. Now, I love it. I view it as a gift because I feel very unique and interesting sexually. My little penis is a beautiful shape and color. I enjoy how I get erect quickly and maintain an erection for a long time. It cums constantly. I have been told that my little dick is erotic. I hope that there are other guys out there who enjoy having a micropenis
  3. I wish I had tighter, perky balls. My balls are full and hang kinda low.
  4. @TinyJock Sorry for the confusion... I meant to say mesh underwear or a mesh jock strap. I enjoy either one.
  5. I love the smell of penis and balls. It is very erotic. My little penis is always sweating and has a hot smell. I shower constantly. Who else enjoys it?
  6. I love my tiny penis!!! I have a micropenis which I always considered hot!!! I have great sex. I wish all small men felt proud and appreciated their little penises!!
  7. I love to wear mesh underwear and jock straps. They look so hot on my small frame and tiny penis. Does anyone else wear them?
  8. I am going to wear a Speedo and show off my little bulge.
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