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  1. That has happened a few times for me as well. As I have gotten older and with the meds I am on, it takes more stimulation to get hard. If I am particularly horny, I have masturbated and cum before getting fully hard. I can't say they were better or worse, just different without an erection.
  2. It was back up for me this morning.
  3. 62 years old 5' 10" 200 lb 2.5-3 in flaccid 5.5 in (down from 5.75 in younger days) hard 4.75 girth
  4. Except for a few years where I wore boxer briefs, I have always worn briefs. My current favorites are Jockey Life low rise briefs. I like that they are smooth in front and don't have a 'fly' in the front. I bet I could easily count on one hand the times I have used the front fly. Some briefs let my balls fall out and these don't. They will probably be discontinued soon, since every time I find some I like they stop making them.
  5. Near Houston TX. 5.5 X 4.75. Average in all respects but have always felt small.
  6. I only saw my dad a few times growing up as a kid, usually at a urinal. It was always soft, never saw him hard. I always thought his looked huge. Seeing him in later years I realize that we are about the same size, though he was uncut and I am cut. I think being uncut makes a penis look larger.
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