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  1. Grower here, around 2.75x3.5 soft, to 6.3x4.75 hard. Wish the girth grew as much as the length!
  2. That was nice, thanks for the fun!

  3. Eireturtle, we could practically be penis twins. I'm about 6.3 long and 4.7 girth. I know that I've been through a similar series of thoughts. Our perception of how our size is distorted as I'm sure you know, but here's the thing I've learned, if you are thicker than a finger then you can pleasure a women. As the others have said, it's far more about technique and confidence. Which takes a while to build but the guys here are great to talk to. You can't let media and the like (especially porn) determine your ability to get intimate. You are worth it, and you can be with whomever
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