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  1. BP and NBP refer to different ways of measuring the length of your dick. BP stands for bone pressed while NBP stands for non bone pressed (bone refers to the pubic bone that's palpable behind the fat pad).
  2. So 0.5 inches is considered to be thick fat pad?
  3. Mine's only 0.5 inches which is pretty helpful visually.
  4. Sounds like you measure your length non-bone pressed. Your visual size may appear smaller but your dick doesn't actually shrink when you put weight on. Assuming you already had some kind of fat pad when you measured your 5 inches I'd guess you're actually at least average in size.
  5. On a pic I uploaded on another site I got a comment saying "8 inches at least" (bolded for emphasis). So yeah, people easily overestimate dick sizes, especially when it comes to photos and videos that often are chosen to show your body/dick at its best.
  6. Your profile lists your erect size as 3.5-4". If that's bone pressed that would be noticeably below average. Also, from your perspective his cock already has a visual advantage when compared to your own. So maybe he wouldn't measure as big as you think.
  7. I wouldn't mind being a little bit bigger both in length and girth, but realistically my size is decent enough as is.
  8. You need to look harder. There are enough topics where guys talk about feeling small because guys of every size are members there, just like here.
  9. Before even considering these kinds of surgery I'd try penis enlargement exercises instead. Of course, you have to invest a lot of time to see results.
  10. He was very ill and in hospital, wearing a hospital gown. There was nothing weird about the situation.
  11. If you look at the area of circles going from 4.6" to 6" in circumference leads to an increase in 70%!
  12. That sounds hot! Doubt I'll ever get to experience that though.
  13. That's a two-hander with a huge mushroom head. How is that supposed to be average?
  14. I'd say a mix of #1 (sideview) and #3 (topdown view).
  15. I think helmet describes the shape of my head best. Looking at it from the top when hard it's about 1.7 inches at its widest and also about 1.7 inches long. The corona overhangs the coronal sulcus up to a quarter of an inch. Haven't measured soft because it's changing all the time anyway.
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