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  1. That's great to hear that you did end up getting the support. Even though I had a dad who was involved and open minded i still had a hard time talking to him about penis size. We could talk about Everything else but when it came to that subject i was always very sheepishand dishonest about it. I just felt like there was something very wrong with me since i knew i didn't measure anywhere near him. It wasn't until years later that after an embarrassing experience that we did finally talk about it. Wish I had done it sooner and on all my own terms
  2. Did anyone ever have a talk about penis size with their dad or other male role model? If so what did you talk about? Were they of a similar size to you?
  3. Growing up in rural Minnesota most public restrooms didn't have dividers. The only place I noticed folks would stare was either the park or high school.
  4. I don't think it's a bad thing to stuff. I still do from time to time like when biking in a group. I think it's when it becomes an all encompassing thing is when it can be unhealthy. That's a pretty great looking product. How does it secure to you?
  5. I usually don't stuff in public anymore but I must admit a few of the kid's dads I coach and I started going long distance bike rides and when I'm with that group I stuff. Nothing ridiculous but something more than just an acorn.
  6. Thanks and yeah it was quite the experience but now I can laugh at it. Does anyone else have a stuffing experience?
  7. Growing up it was just my dad and I. He is the type of dad that whenever he got home he'd strip to his briefs and when he went to bed he would would take those off. I look a lot like my dad, but there were a few things I didn't inherit like his height or his huge package.
  8. After a dick measuring contest in high school that resulted in me being last, I eventually started stuffing socks in my briefs or wearing an athletic cup even out of hockey or baseball and getting really good at being stealthy in the showers. I got so good at stuffing I even had my dad fooled. He thought until the summer before college that his boy took after him and was hung like a horse. That is until one unfortunate day. Dad and I were horsing around and my sock stuffer fell out of my briefs and then my shorts, as he had me in a headlock. For a quick moment the fun died and he was silen
  9. Since we were forced to change for gym class I've always known I was smaller than the average guy in high school. Most guys were a lot bigger than me with a small few my size and none smaller. For awhile i had a really hard time getting over how small I was to put it bluntly it was a little knob in a forest of dark pubes. Growing up I was always a lot smaller than my dad and cousins and uncles. High school is when I started getting really self conscious. On the hockey team a few of the guys thought it would be fun to line all us up from biggest smallest. Needless to say I was the smallest and
  10. 6.45% In a room of 1000 guys, 935 should be both longer and girthier than you. Your dick is at most 2.24 in3 (1.24 fl oz) That's more voluminous than 0.02% of dudes! I'm not very surprised by this at all haha.
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