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  1. Kama Sutra is a brand of sex acc's, most have flavors the dust is fantastic and smells good as well.
  2. I like to use Kama Sutra's dust powder, not only does it feel good but also tastes great.
  3. It sounds like you have never been to a Nude Beach or a Nudist resort as that is Not what happens in those areas. My assumption is that you have only been to gyms and the like and have to agree with you to a point in regards to gyms a lot of times. Like you I have read about stories about the once in a while negatives on beaches but, In my experience have never run across that myself and I have seen many men with a smaller penis than myself and at the very least they had no issues being nude.
  4. I wear mine the some way and enjoy the looks.
  5. height-6' weight-228# Penis length-5.25 penis girth-4.25
  6. Just measured myself and they are each 3.0x2.0"
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