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  1. I wear mine the some way and enjoy the looks.
  2. height-6' weight-228# Penis length-5.25 penis girth-4.25
  3. Just measured myself and they are each 3.0x2.0"
  4. I finally got to the size I can completely roll out and the fit is absolutely perfect and still have good feeling, this was after several samples and when they send samples it is always two different sizes to help narrow it down until you find the right one. I have been very happy with "MyOne" as it is the only time I have ever found ones that will stay the way they are meant too.
  5. when I used the fit kit on the top of my penis and found my perfect size, you can get samples until you find the right size they are only a dollar for shipping and they include the fitkit.
  6. @TinyJock , Actually there is, It is a product called "Freshballs", I believe it is made by "Fresh Body, It works very well and helps you stay dry in the groin area. Try googling Freshballs.
  7. My late wife got me into shaving the pub's a long time ago and I have kept them shaved since then, It took some time before the ingrown hairs stopped, But now I can't imagine having hair down there. I am very blond and from 5ft away you could never tell I ever had any hair there anyways. The hair above my dick is trimmed but you can't tell unless your very close, so that saves time shaving.
  8. Why does there have to be labels anyway? can't somebody just be a sex maniac and just enjoy(legal) sex because it is pleasant and fun? IMHO
  9. I wore Speedo's all through high school on the swimming team and water polo team, and I can say nobody ever made comments or did any staring to my knowledge, as back then they would have been considered "Queer". LOL
  10. @zebraben Thanks Ben, doing fine just odd hours now days, About the only advise I can give you is to totally remove adobe and reinstall it, maybe that might help. Good luck my friend.
  11. I hear that Adobe is folding in sept. 2020, is there anything in the works to replace or use when that happens?
  12. I use chrome only and I don't have any problems with mine, but I downloaded adobe in chrome. I use microsoft only, as Apple creates too many issues on my lap top.
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