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  1. I ran into my wife’s ex in the gym locker room before. So I finally decide to not towel up that day, this dude spots me across the room and walks up to me. All I saw walking my way was this massive piece of meat swinging. He also has huge balls with a literal 8 pack to boot. I could see his eyes check out my little guy- and I know he saw me checking him out. He was just standing there chatting away- and I just wanted to go hide in a corner! He ended the conversation with…say hi to the misses for me as he was glancing down out my package. Fucker.
  2. I have small balls that are always tight against my body. Along with my really small flaccid size, especially after a workout..I’m quite a sight to see since I’m a pretty beefy muscular guy. I am envious of those low hangers, dudes that look like they are carrying two small oranges in between their legs. It looks so masculine.
  3. Hey! Me too! 4” girth club here with a similar length. It gets lost in most pussies. I’m particular fond of my infamous side to side technique to make sure it’s all her walls!
  4. That’s me! My wife is easiest the hottest woman in any room. Former model, 5’8, gorgeous blond. Me - 6’0 muscular 225 with a 5 inch x 4 inch skinny cock.
  5. I have a small flaccid as well. It grows to a very average 5.25 inches. I know where you coming from. I feel like we are in the same boat. But you should not have to feel NOT ok!
  6. That’s an amazing point that gets lost in all of us. We spend all day thinking about how small we are. There’s so much more to life and what makes a relationship! Appreciate the reminder!
  7. Appreciate you responding. I’m a fellow thin girth brother as well at a little 10cm. Looks even skinnier against my muscular thick body. Don’t feel embarrassed! Be proud of what you have!
  8. You are correct. The only problem is in your head. She admitted it’s not a problem. Statistically in the real world, your penis is plenty.
  9. @Tsoren that’s a fun experience that reminds me of my cousin and I. Yup, he is much more hung than me as well. At least you have the nice length! What’s the girth on your cock?
  10. because she understands that that your small penis is one of the many tools you have to make a great meal. So fellas, if you were handed a small knife, don’t stop cooking and making great meals. You have plenty of other tools available to you! Your Tongue, fingers, and creativity!
  11. Seems like the common theme for us is that our wife has been with much bigger cocks. Have you ever wondered why she ended up marrying u?
  12. One time we all were showering after PE class, my best friend at the time yelled out in front of everyone “damn Peanut, you have such a tiny dick!” That was my nickname ever since!
  13. My first ever girlfriend, she was a freshmen in HS and I was a year above her. I always knew I was small and I was nervous for the first time she “discovered” it. She reached down my pants. She said “wow, it’s so small!” She had to get a closer look, and took my pants down and got it out. I was rock hard. She asked “does it get bigger?” I said nope, this is as big as it gets. She said “I thought they were supposed to bigger than this.” Yup, that was first encounter. Leading to a lifetime complex.
  14. I was 12 years old. I’m still the same size! 🤣
  15. I was older than my cousin by a few months but we were basically like brothers. We would compared, measured and played with each other since a very young age. When we first started comparing, we were both around 5 inches, he was maybe 1/2 inch longer but was a lot thicker. He would always bragged about having the bigger cock even though he was the younger one. Every summer he would stay with me in my room. So basically we compared and measured our growth each summer. Unfortunately for me, my cock never grew! However for him, it kept getting bigger. Every summer, his got longer, thicker and hairier. We stopped comparing at some point around high school, and his was 7 inches long and mine was still 5 inches. He always would tease me in good fun. You see, I was the good looking one who all the all the girls liked. I also was always the one into sports and worked out. Fast forward a decade, we went on vacation together and we ended up going out partying and meeting a couple girls we brought back to the hotel. We were side by side on the coach, while the girls were both going down on us. We haven’t seen each other’s cock in years. He said “wow, you haven’t gotten bigger at all!” I looked over, and his was still massive, but it is now a grown up 8 inches, thick and veiny. Both the girls were quite impressed as well. The girls even joked and asked if we were really related! The girl I was with even joked if she could switch…lol. Of course we switched! Crazy times.
  16. I think it was a youth thing. High school was cruel for me. Not only my guy friends would make fun of me, my girlfriend would too! I didn’t say anything- just laughed it off.
  17. Back in my high school days, the whole football team would communal shower after practice. Our coach who was an older black man would be in there showing with all of us. He was hanging almost to his knees. I would guess 8 inches and super thick. It is still by far the biggest I have ever seen in my life.
  18. “I love sucking your cock. It’s the perfect size for a bj. I hated BJs with ex…my jaw would hurt too much!”
  19. I’ve been with 100s…stopped counting many years ago. Not one has rejected me for my size.
  20. I don’t think it has ever grown! First time I measured was around 12 years old. I told myself I had plenty of time to grow. It’s still the same size today.
  21. I’ve had a few group sex experiences, and it’s been such a turn on to see a much bigger cock being admired and positively commented on. My vote is that it is definitely a turn on!
  22. My cousin is hung and legit 8 inches. We measured and compared growing up. His kept getting bigger and mine stayed the same. WTF? One time he came over, and he was peeing with the door wide open. My wife accidentally walked in and saw it....she was laughed “Holy shit...why didn’t you get one of those???”
  23. I’ve been bulge conscious since the early day of high school. I was wearing some thin gym shorts and was climbing over girlfriend on the couch to get the other side. As my crouch was right in front of her face, she smacks it - “Dude, where’s your bulge?”
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