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  1. When you sit down to pee and get it all over your ball!
  2. Have you tried working on your core muscles, like doing situps etc. This helped me stop cumming quite so quickly. When I first met the missus, she only had to touch my dick and I cummed straight away. I also have a tiny dick. I can cum just from leg raises, or pull ups etc. Good luck!
  3. I still have regular wet dreams, probably about once a month. I think this is when I haven't cum for a while.
  4. So I wore these out for a few days on my morning walk around the local common and got quite a few smiles and hellos from people out walking. I think these a probably too see through to wear out anywhere else. Although no one actually said anything to me about them! I have been enjoying wearing these round the house while the missus has friends over. Once they spot i don't have underwear on they can't stop looking to see where the rest of my dick is. They are sadly disappointed when they realise how small it is
  5. Would you wear these out without underwear, or do you think it would be too risky?
  6. I have been to quite a few naked spa's in Europe and they are a great experience. I am only about 1-1.5 inches soft and no one really takes that much notice. You occasionally get someone look and laugh a bit, but nothing major. I definitely recommend you give it a try if you haven't.
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