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  1. Sam, Please feel free to private message me if you need to talk. S
  2. I like it. I have come to accept it. It is liberating for me to understand I have a small one and not to worry about and focus on what I can do a d who I am sexually.
  3. The first time you ever had sex, the girl is riding you. You cum in the condom. She continues to ride you as you become flaccid. After a min she asks if you are ok and you say, yes, I already finnished. She says, oh, I didnt know. (True Stoey)
  4. I've lost over an inch in my erection. A little over 5.5 in to u set 4.5 in. I feel due to weight gain over 4 years.
  5. In most situations, no. But if I was feeling a little exhibitionist streak and maybe a little horney, I'd love to head out (pun intended) and see if I could get a little attention. Probably though, it wouldn't be noticed.
  6. So yes and no. Traditionally I was in the 5 to 5.5 range. But that was when I was younger and in shape. Now I am about 35 to 40 lbs overweight and am under 4.5, a little over 4. I love my small penis and actually have a SPH fetish (please no judging and I definitely understand why some would frown on this). It would really be satisfying to measure my penis and it be 3.9 fully erect. I do know that if I gained more weight that could happen, but I would rather loose weight thus my penis gaining a little length, so as I said, yes and no.
  7. I absolutly love waxing. It feels so smooth and it stays smooth longer than shaving. Full manzillian for me. Inner and outer buty, perineum, balls, shaft, and area above shaft. My plans are to one day get a square patch and trim it but every time I go I tell the female esthetician to go ahead and take it all off.
  8. I have come to accept my 4.5. I am a grower so if I were a decent 3 to 4 flaccid and a healthy 6.5 hard, I think I would be happy. Now if I were big enough and limber enough to suck myself, I'd probably never leave the house, but in all seriousness I'd be happy with 6.5.
  9. I work from home and up until last fall, my wife stayed at home. I would either jack off in the upstairs bathroom if she was there or wait till she went to grocery store and jack off in bed. Inwould aometimes call her to find out where she was and make sure i had enough time, especially if i was going to be looking at online porn or even call phone sex. At times in my career when i was driving to clients offices, i would even stop at a gas station, buy a condom and jack off while driving. I havent done that in years, and not recommending that for various reasons. Those are a cou
  10. @toadfish327 Thanks, TF, but no cannonballs here. I go to a lady who specializes in hair removal for men. She sees dicks of all sizes and knows that most of them will be erect during at least part of the process. I suggest some numbing spray like gold bond and ibuprophen 30 min before.
  11. I used to shave but hated the ingrown hairs and itchiness afterward. A little over a year ago I had my first full manzillian wax. I've been a total of four times. Love it. It is a little painful but that is ok. The feel afterward is awesomely smooth and makes my penis look longer than it does in a bush.
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