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  1. I see that I commented in this thread a couple of times, but didn’t tell my story. I’ve been with my wife since 1975. We had an active, satisfying sex life until 2017, when my hip went bad. I hoped that after my replacement operation in March, 2018 and rehab, we would be able to resume activities, but in May 2018 she collapsed with atrial fibrillation, and she hasn’t been the same since. She’s had 4 heart procedures, suffered through an e.coli blood infection last November that led to a month-long hospitalization, and has had idiopathic pruritis (uncontrollable itching) since last June when sh
  2. Danny DeVito had a great line about Bonanza, “A show about a 50-year-old man and his three 45-year-old sons.”
  3. Ah wet dreams! They were great except that they were...wet.
  4. @Gezr69 We used to use Doc Johnson’s they were very realistic and got me over 7” to almost 7-1/2”. Then we discovered Nassty and they are even better with a bit of French tickler at the head. They are super-stretchy. They get me to 7-1/2” to about 8”. You can get ‘em on Amazon about $20 worth it. My wife never complained about my girth, only my length. So a key thing was to have them at room temperature, nothing kills the moment like something cold in the coochie. I would ease in, give her a chance to get used to it, make sure she could feel how deep it was, and then start pound
  5. @Sven D. Your wife is not only your favorite pornstar, she has become the fave of a lot of us here! Truly a beautiful, hot woman with loads of sex appeal. So to mix my metaphors, you have a tiger by the tail, but you are negotiating your high-wire act with aplomb. If your Missus is granting you access once a week, then hooyah!, as we say in the Navy. If she lets you spectate on a session with a stud muffin now and then, double hooyah! I think you have way more sex life than a lot of us around here, bucko. Now since Alan has set you up with a private place to post photos, more,
  6. After being a member since I dunno 2004 or so, Sven’s photos finally convinced me to take the plunge!
  7. @Sven D. No need to apologize. I don’t think anyone was offended. I hope they let them stay, they are worth their weight in gold! So you started doing this 10 years ago, the way your wife looks she takes care of herself and maintains her allure, so she may be doing this 10 from now, maybe even 20 years from now, but likely not 30 years from now, but who knows? She has a slight resemblance to my wife, so I’m thinking what she looked like 30 years ago. Boy, I’m missing that... Anyway, I give you full credit for finding a way to make your marriage work. I’ve known guys who let thei
  8. @Sven D. I don’t think the mods are going to let these stay up for long, but thanks! Definitely looks like an episode of “Please bang my wife!” She is very attractive woman I hope she does at least some things to please you and reward you for your forebearance. May I ask how long total you have been married?
  9. Admirable on your part. No question, she is a hottie. If most of her partners are younger guys, I am sure they are quite happy to have her and if they’re her age or older, they know they are damned lucky.
  10. @Sven D. Thank you for your frank and informative post. I think you do have iron stones to follow such a path. You are 52, you look to be youthful and in good shape, do you mind telling us your wife’s age? I would imagine she must be attractive. Are most of her partners younger men?
  11. @Sven D. You, sir, have iron stones and I salute you! You have to have reserves of self-esteem to be able to watch your wife get off with another man and not feel humiliated.
  12. Have you ever thought about putting on an extender or a strap-on? I mean, if she wants a “reward”, why not give it to her?
  13. @Thor57 You have a nice age gap going. The Han Chinese believe that a man’s spouse should be, at a minimum, seven years younger than he is. Otherwise, the woman will steal the man’s sheng ming li, or life force, whether she wants to or not. Chinese business executives will often divorce their first wives if they are too close in age, in order to make themselves more promotable.
  14. @Thor57 May I ask your wife’s age? She clearly has a strong libido!
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