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  1. @impotentat34 Great to hear your news! Don’t let her get away. Back in the 70’s I knew a guy who was very well hung. I know, I saw him in a sauna with other guys around and he got an erection to show off. Porn-star size, well over 8”, maybe even 9”, and thick. He was very proud of it and he delighted many MILFs (we were young enough to use the term, although back then the term did not exist). He got engaged to a Taiwanese woman, she wasn’t small or petite by any means, but on their wedding night when he unleashed the cobra, she screamed in terror. They were never able to consummate t
  2. @SloStrokerSo why not put on an extender or a strap-on and give her the ride she seeks?
  3. @impotentat34 I am there with you. It is terrific fun and helps us experience what the big guys feel.
  4. @SloStroker Way back in California I had a GF who said I was “easy to suck and easy to fuck” and we indulged in both with gusto.
  5. @fredneck1951 I am referencing my old log-in here just for shitz&giggles. I would still be using it if it worked.
  6. @Bobs yer Uncle Great story, and best of luck, amigo! Keep us posted. If you get to enjoy the glories of the Vijayjay again, it will all be worth it!
  7. The late, great Richard Pryor used to tell this: Two men are taking a leak off a bridge. ”That water sure is cold,” says one. ”Deep, too,” says the other.
  8. @Vinnig In some circles “Teletubbies” was regarded as the work of the devil.
  9. Age: 69 Head hair (what there is of it): sort of silver/grey blended with light brown looks like tarnished silver Facial hair: mostly white with some brown. Ugh. Body hair: I am extremely hirsute. Mostly brown a little patch of grey/silver in the middle of my chest. Pubes: brown.
  10. Sesame Street has the Cookie Monster. Danish TV has the Cock Monster.
  11. Bad news...Microsoft Edge is not happy...more work...boo-hoo!
  12. Thanks to the mods for taking care of the expired certificate. No more funky messages. Yay!
  13. Firefox is giving me grief about this site. Evidently the site certificate has lapsed. Thanks for checking.
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