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  1. Sesame Street has the Cookie Monster. Danish TV has the Cock Monster.
  2. Bad news...Microsoft Edge is not happy...more work...boo-hoo!
  3. Thanks to the mods for taking care of the expired certificate. No more funky messages. Yay!
  4. Firefox is giving me grief about this site. Evidently the site certificate has lapsed. Thanks for checking.
  5. Indy, I sure didn’t remember it but I was 13. It sounds like something Don Draper and his crew would do....on TV.
  6. Yes, you are alone here. You are a strange visitor from another planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. You are gifted.
  7. I read this thread thinking “nah, I don’t do that.” Then I thought of the times when I’m nude around my wife and she says, “Where’s your dick?” Which is my cue to give Junior a tug to hear her say, “That’s better.”
  8. Guys there is always a fleshlight or Autoblow as an alternative to your hand.
  9. Fantastic! I don’t know if I’m more impressed that she knows how to take a selfie, or that she can send an attachment to a text! That is one talented lady you have there, treasure her!
  10. Are the naked pics of her? That would be noteworthy!
  11. “If she really wanted a big cock partner, she wouldn't be married to you.” Geez Louise, I think you’re on to something!
  12. I appreciate the prompt response! The title of this thread no longer makes me grind my jaw.
  13. Can a mod change the title of this thread to “without” instead of “withiut”? Sorry to pick nits, but with erections in evidently short supply, what’s a guy to do?
  14. I responded to her at the time, and I thought she was an actual woman, too.
  15. With men, desire always precedes arousal. A 106-year-old guy sees an attractive woman and thinks, “I’d Iike to tap that.” Could he? Likely not, but the inclination persists. With women, arousal precedes desire. If she’s ill, or doesn’t feel well, she can’t be approached, so there is no chance of desire coming into play. Many on this board are bound by this conundrum.
  16. Actually I saw April 15, 2006 as her last post (the day I turned 55 LOL!) I was an active participant in this thread I am Fredneck1951. I have seen posts by me from that time period quite a bit.
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